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  1. Not sure if this is the best place to post this... However, I have received an email with the following on from Italia Moto this afternoon.


    To make way for all of the exciting new 2018 models we are offering a selection of our existing stock at very attractive prices, you could save over £1000 on a brand new unregistered Ducati!!


    DUCATI MULTISTRADA 1200 S TOURING, we have just one left in red, with colour coded panniers for the unbelievable price of £16499, list price £17690!!


    SCRAMBLER ICON RED, last one available at £6999 on the road, list price £7790!


    SCRAMBLER CLASSIC, we have one white and one yellow Classic at a very tasty £7999 saving just short of £1000 on the list price!


    SCRAMBLER CAFE RACER, only one of these amazing bikes at an incredible £8999


    DUCATI MULTISTRADA 1200 ENDURO TOURING, one only in pearl white with touring pack, save over £1000 at £16799 on the road!

    We hope you like what you see and if anything is tempting you please let us know as we only have the bikes listed here and when they are gone...........!

    Just thought it was worth sharing in case anyone is looking :upyeah:

    @El Toro - feel free to move to another area of the Forum if it is better suited elsewhere ;)
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  2. So nothing decent then.
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  3. Multistrada and Scrambler sections :thinkingface:
  4. Like Black Friday for Ducati
  5. Personally I don't think a grand off last years model, even if unregistered, is anything to write home about.
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  6. KTM offering 5k off a model is a clearance, ducati have a lot to learn if they want to get people to jump from old to new
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  8. If there was £5k in a bike for a Ducati dealer, I’m sure the discounts would be better but there isn’t. The Ducati business model is to sell the debt for all new bikes to a US finance company who all dealers are expected to pay as soon as the bike is delivered. In reality the US finance house charges dealers interest on the trade value of the bike until it is sold. All UK dealers are audited on a monthly basis to check stock to ensure monies are paid promptly. Ducati UK dealers do not make a living out of just selling bikes. Andy
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  9. I dont think they would be Andy, as if they can sell full price, why not?

    Makes even more a mockery of a dealer offering 10k on a 15m old S :mad:
  10. I got £4.5k off my panigale when I bought it new
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  11. Was that from an independant or a multiple franchise dealer ? Andy
  12. from west London superbikes (they are no longer Ducati dealer)
  13. Not saying it was, but I guess this could well have been a contributing factor to the discount given... If they had plans a foot and stock to sell.

    I certainly haven't heard of many people reporting big discounts on new Ducati's...
  14. they didnt gave up dealership till 2 years later