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2018 Honda Gold Wing - Impression

Discussion in 'Other Bikes' started by Riko, Jul 22, 2020.

  1. Saw vids, photos and reviews.
    Heard the previous gen 6 cylinder boxer engine rumble at lights.
    So now I really wanted to testride this touring legend.

    Its a 6 speed manual I testrode, not the DCT unfortunatelly.

    So this is just a short impression.
    A slightly longer video will be released later.

    I have no experience with GoldWings, so cannot compare with previous generations. : p
    But this one would be 50kg lighter ...
    Anyway, you can not flick this giant quickly (in the longer video I tried, but it is too big and bulky), maybe partially because of that fat 200 tire at the back: o

    Impressive features list (and equally impressive options list).
    - AM FM radio, nice and marginal with audio driving is funny for one time :)
    - Apple Carplay (Android Auto is apparently launching this year)
    - DCT has a reverse and a forward to maneuver at a walking pace. (test model with manual ankle reverse, previous generation also had)

    - Buttons, fit 'n finish are of traditional excellent Honda quality.
    - double wishbone front suspension is unique in the world and should be perfect for that chill ride ... but half an hour of test riding is just too short, but it should be legendary, à la BMW front suspension but better? dunno, but looks fancy.
    You can see a lot of videos on YouTube, especially that of Traxxion Dynamics, and how those GW suspensions are tuned because they are too softly adjusted from the factory.

    - the sound
    wajo, left this piece in the video, i'll leave it to you, but it sounds great!

    - speedometer = only classic meters, and it is very difficult to read, which is dangerous.
    The Cruise Control that is linked to this is therefore equally difficult, it is difficult to see at what speed you are.
    They have a mega fancy big screen in the middle that they can do a lot more with, large digital speed display, but that's not happening here (yet?).
    - the most important thing for a touring buffalo and for me the biggest flaw, you can not put a full face helmet in the side cases!
    This is also due to the slimming process of the new Wing.
    This will be shown in the full video that I will try to upload later.

    - the price, I could say, but on the other hand, it is the ultimate touring buffalo (minus those too small side cases) with almost auto tech, so that price can be justified somewhere.
    Starts at +/- 26,000 for the dredge to 37,000 for the full version (with DCT and airbag)

    - too many options that should be standard (see their website for the available options)

    But driving a DCT Wing is still on my wish list, because this motorcycle begs to drive automatically.
    And what is great is that with DCT (optional) you can also shift gears without a foot gear, so you do not necessarily lose the feeling of control, and then I actually do the same as a Quick Shifter.

    Anyway, enjoy:
  2. The Diavel has a 240 section rear tyre and handles and turns like a sports bike.

    The reason the Goldwing doesn't is because it's a big, fat, lardy tractor ;)
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  3. But will the Diavel tow a caravan :thinkingface::D
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  4. I knew I should have left or adjusted a certain comment for the haters to jump on

    now I know
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  5. You have been a member of this forum for long enough to have known, extolling what are in your opinion, the virtues of a Honda Goldwing, would attract a certain antipathy. Andy
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  6. Might as well buy a Volvo & be done with it. The original GoldWings made sense. These things are just 2 wheeled cars o_O
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  7. Just as ugly as an AMC too.

    amc.jpg amc1.jpg
    #7 Jez900ie, Jul 23, 2020
    Last edited: Jul 23, 2020
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  8. If you have a trip where you should take a car but want to take a bike...
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  9. well, clearly....
    But havent been that active.
    Only times I come here is when I wanna change something on my bike or when I have problems with my bike.
    Wich were some at the moment of purchase.
    But I didnt expect some to be all macho tiny dick about it...
    I guess normal rational discussions are out of the question when it comes to Ducati riders talking about other brands.
    Lesson learned :rolleyes:

    Yeah, what I basically said in the text and in the intro, car on two wheels...
  10. Love the things. But can never understand why idiots try and compare to a sports bike. It’s like comparing a rolls Royce to a caterham.
    They are big they are heavy but if you wanted to gently cover big miles, wow what a way to do it.
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  11. If you visited more often you would see that other bikes are talked about as much as Ducati's as most of us have other makes too.
    Often featured on the front page of the forum too. And Ducati's get ridiculed more than other bikes, I mean, look at the scramblies :scream:
    Sometimes this is more of a Kawasaki forum than Ducati :bucktooth:
    And a degree of banter is always at the forefront too :thinkingface: and a Honda Goldwing was always going to help with this ;)
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  12. Yeah, what I basically said in the text and in the intro, c
    true that true that

    to be clear, I did say 'some' so not all members are acting like arrogant jerks. ;)

    those who have other brands, I'd expect them to be more openminded too indeed ;)

    I am not surprised that the arrogant jerks are those who only swear to a Ducati, wich is understandable, but the attitude is not understandable.

    I actually have a personal unpleasant experience with such a douch.
    He was a mate from a mate (def no mate of mine), who claimed to took lessons or whatever about mechanics.
    And I was talking to somebody about Ducati's vs Jap bikes, with the biggest difference being the Desmo valve system.
    When I stating facts such as, they generally sound greater but are crazy expensive to maintain, because of the system, he actually flipped out and went into a frenzy.
    Clearly he was a real Ducati-boy.
    I already knew from past conversation he literally look down on everything not Ducati...
    He didnt wanna hear any negative talk about Ducati and worse, when you favored a Jap bike over a Ducati for whatever reason, he would not be amused.
    But that time, he lost it and kept acting like a douch towards me, in front of every one.

    And ow my, when bringing up the reliability subject, the elephant in the room so to speak....I actually think, thats what got him triggered.

    I remembered his rant and something about him knowing the Desmo system and actually tooking mechanic lessons about it or whatever...
    But I remember thats the same guy that paid way to much for a normal (non Desmo) service for his Monster 695 (or similar), only thing I remembered of the Ducati he rode, it was the cheapest Monster you could get at the time.
    The guy was a living contradiction.

    And best of all, he ranted at me at the time I already traded in my Honda CB1100 for my Multi...:rolleyes:

    I guess thats the difference between an opend minded petrol head and an blind arrogant fanboy with anger issues.

    Last time I saw him (via my mate) he traded in his baby Monster for Norge 1200, the big touring bike from Guzzi.
    Never heard of him since.
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  13. Ducati reliability issues? How very dare you :mad::p:D

    My wife mentioned a goldwing a while back for the armchair on the back, if I win the lottery I may become a future owner but I don't think that is likely - I'd have to buy a lottery ticket :bucktooth:
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  14. I guess the only things worse than riding/owning one of these things is to tow a trailer with it & be listening to loud, shit music thinking you look cool !: unamused:
  15. There’s plenty of other bikes that I love, just do not understand this “bike” at all. That can’t be like actually riding a motorcycle & it’s as ugly & ungainly as sin, so basically you’re just getting all the disadvantages of biking (the weather, the increased exposure to danger, the need to cover yourself in leather & helmets etc) with very few of the benefits. When/if my sports bike days are ever over, this is not for me thanks, now & never.
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  16. One of the most comical things I've ever seen was once on a TrackDay at Brands prior to me even having a bike licence.

    The guy was in inters on one of these with the Radio going (Beastie Boys). Legend!
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  17. Definately open minded (ive had allsorts and currently own a kwak and Aprilia as well as my duc) but i will say those bikes are so way at the top end of what you would call "a motorbike..." !
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  18. Although would no doubt justify your username ;)
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  19. wouldnt mind owning the bagger version

    but the trailer thing is a bit weird indeed...

    and riding with the radio is some low life ganster shit, thats why I had to try it :cool:
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  20. Not really, there are BMW, KTM, Suzuki, Triumph threads on here all with a positive vibe. Its the type of bike rather than brand that leaves itself open to polite (and not so polite) joshing. If someone wants to spend their cash on one, feel free!
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