1200 Enduro 2018 Multistrada Shutting Down - Ducati & Protwins Shocking Customer Services - Advice Please!

Discussion in 'Multistrada' started by big mark, Sep 10, 2019.

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  1. Let’s hope it is fixed, but it is important to keep the dealer you bought it from as the only dealer involved. I would try and do as many miles on it as you can as soon as you get it back to make sure it is now ok
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  2. Having backed my multistrada when it was financed, I was very happy with the protection that finance offered. Had it been paid in full, I'd have been stuffed.

    I had to get a vehicle standards agency assessment of the bike, which was basically a cursory look over the bike and the service history, to see I hadn't run it into the ground and not maintained it. Once I got the OK from them, it went in to an independent Ducati specialist for the teardown as I stated I had zero trust in the dealer.

    Once that had happened, the finance company took the expert opinions that the bike was not fit for purpose and refunded me plus compensation.

    As you are an outright purchaser, it's all down to you I'm afraid. You will have to engage a solicitor and prove that what you have experienced is not reasonable and that it's not fit for purpose. The lack of trust you talk of, in my mind doesn't strike me as enough legal basis. They will want to know exact details and figures of breakdowns, not how many times you felt it might break down. I'd ride it as much as possible and collate information.
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  3. And yet some think their 6yr old 899 is worth 8 grand lol

    Sounds a shitstorm matey, hope you get it sorted one way or another.
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  4. Sorry to hear of your issues. My be unrelated I had a similar problem with a 2017 DVT where it would cut out completely (even where the dash would go blank) whilst on the move. Afterwards would take 10 mins or so for it to powered on again. Mine was diagnosed by W M Snells as a duff BBS unit.

    Snells are a very professional outfit. If you were looking for a second opinion I would highly recommend them.

    I have contacted Ducati service team before and they were most helpful. Can't remember the chaps name but the number is 0845 671 8500. Worth giving them a call to discuss...don't see you have a lot to loose. Hope it all turns out good for you
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  5. What does BBS stand for?
  6. DDS :thinkingface:
  7. I thought it was BBS but could be DDS. Basically on the DVT the ECU is in 2 parts. The BBS/DDS is the brain which looks after the abs, rear light cluster and some other stuff.
  8. I had a similar issue with my ducati dealer.
    Maintain a record of all the issues and their responses. emails are best.
    I was happy with my outcome and fix in the end. I even recieved an apology from Ducati uk with a gift for my troubles.
  9. Its BBS

    you will find it under your seat. the main ecu is under the tank
  10. BTW. Did you pay any part of it by credit card e.g. the deposit. If yes then they are joint and severaly liable for the quality of the goods. The payment only has to be £100 or more of the whole amount and your covered. Basically same as finance.

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  11. payed for in full by debit card.
    two weeks old fuel gauge working intermitently. [not a biggy]
    three months later new termi exhaust heat shield fell off, locating tabs snapped. told by email theyed get on to ducati. [nothing heard since]
    two months later, bad missfire, four coil packs,leads and plugs changed. [warranty two weeks to fix]
    week later bike shut down whilst riding four times, all on video. two months to fix. [changed o/s switch gear as a gesture of good will ???]still dont know what the fault is/was.
    dont want to ride it, dont trust it.
    finaly handed back to me after threats of being charged storage [£10.00 a day] in a shit state. [covered in what looks like cement dust]
    not happy with the dealer or DUCATI UKs response.
    they offered me £11000.00 buy back on what cost me nearly £24000.00.
    shame really as i love the bike, not realy fit for what i bought it for. [touring]
  12. Not an experience I envy, hope you get the outcome you want.
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  13. If you don't ride it and continue to experience issues, you will get nowhere with them. They consider it fixed and not riding it isn't proving them wrong.
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  14. Who fitted the Termi?

    Given you have no confidence in the bike I would still consult a lawyer. They will advise on your position going forward. It seems that since you have had differing faults throughout ownership, that may well influence your ability to hand it back, as opposed to the same fault which they cannot fix.

    Independent analysis is a good thing. I used it in my case and indeed that’s what nailed my claim for a refund. In my case it was an oil issue. But your solicitor will be able to advise what you can and cannot do without prejudicing your case.

    It’s not good when you lose faith in your dream bike and it becomes a nightmare but you need to ride it as much as you can. Either your confidence will be restored or you will have more of a claim for refund if it continues to cut out
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  15. Doesn't sound to bad to me, small niggles I agree like the shield and fuel gauge, even mine isn't fixed after 9 years !!
    The cutting out issue is a serious one though and yes it could be caused by a number of things even a dud battery could cause a glitch in the ECU. So I think it's right that you should continue riding the bike given that the dealer has done everything they can by the book and it might be fine after all.
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  16. Have you spoken to Trading Standards? You should be able to get advise from them on what your rights are.
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  17. I've just bought a bike from ProTwins and found them very fair... (I'm on holiday in Australia at the moment!)

    You could pick the bike up and try P&H (for Warranty enquiries or ask for a check up)

    I had the cutting out a couple of times with my older bikes (Several times on French motorways on one memorable trip)
    Do you have any additional electrical parts attached?
    I had a tank bag charger, when I took this off the problem went away and 2 dealers (one in France and P&H) and neither could find any faults logged. It never did it again after this.

    I had to wait nearly 2 months for a replacement D-Air sensor warranty claim from P&H, the part was out of stock in Italy, so it does happen.

    You would be better just selling the bike privately really...
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  18. Mark, you listed the faults and also said they could not find any faults, but later yesterday you said they have said,, the bike is now fixed. Have you picked it up yet and although short time wise, have you ridden it yet?
  19. The new switch gear as a goodwill gesture suggests they couldn’t find a fault and did that to be seen to be doing something.
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