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2019 Hypermotard Mods

Discussion in 'Hypermotard' started by Pard, Feb 27, 2019.

  1. Iv already got my evotech rad and engine guard set in my living room waiting on my SP arriving end of march.

    I see SC Project have today released a twin underseat slip on and have a single can coming soon

    But still hoping for a nice twin akrapovic full system. If not i have spoke to Austin Racing and they are soon going to release a twin underseat pipe
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  2. Oh good find, I shall get the card out and get ordered - picking up my HM tomorrow
  3. Unsure about this - I have a feeling it’s a fake product.
    If it was made by evotech, I’m sure it would have been listed. None of the other product are listed on eBay?
    Also the price is quite high compared to the radiator guard set?
  4. Ah, well spotted.

  5. I have the evotech engine, rad & oil cooler guards on my 939 and they're an excellent fit and quality. They do a necessary job imo too.

    Tail tidy is good too.
  6. Has anyone else spotted, that the prices on evotech-performance’s website is exclusive VAT?
    20% is added at checkout - or would that be cheeky-out? ‍:astonished:
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  7. Evotech Tail Tidy for 950 should be ready to order in 3 to 4 weeks - I checked with them
  8. Picked up my 2019 Hypermotard 950SP today!

    Put 10 miles on it to get acquainted. Lovely bike!

    The rear hub, axle is the same dimensions as the 939, so I ordered a pit bull hypermotard stand. Need that to remove the wheel to change tires.

    I also confirmed that R&G rear axle sliders https://www.rg-racing.com/browseBike/Ducati/Hypermotard_821/2014/SS0037BK
    fit the 950SP so ordered those. They are good because you can use a standard paddock stand to lift the bike from the spindles for chain maintenance.

    I had these front axle sliders lying around so I installed them and they are a perfect fit. https://www.t-rex-racing.com/2016-2018-Panigale-959-Front-Axle-Sliders-p/n80-16f.htm

    Evotech frame sliders are on the way.

    I am not sure I will put on radiator guards. Not a pebble on the lowest radiator after my first ride. I think it may be high enough to avoid garbage tossed by the wheel.

    Bar end sliders seem like a good idea: https://www.rg-racing.com/browsebike/Ducati/Hypermotard_939_SP/2016/BE0071BK/
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  9. You must be one of the first to pick up an SP, enjoy!
  10. IMG_1146.jpg IMG_1147.jpg IMG_1150.jpg

    Yep, I am the first to take delivery at my local dealer in NY.

    Some more mods complete since my last post.

    Installed my radar detector on the bars, and cell phone mount.

    Ran a line from the battery to power heated clothing.
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  11. It looks ace! I hope mine arrives soon...
  12. My dealer mechanic showed me where the USB port is located. Under the seat, not much use unless an extension is run. The key to remove the seat is a hex wrench fastened to the radiator. SA screw is removed and then the seat comes off with some wrestling.

    Key for seat.JPG USB.JPG
  13. Does anyone know of a place there’s some accessory connector on this thing? (Speaking here about the 2019 950 model..)
    If I want to install a GPS for example, it should be turning on together with the ignition.:thinkingface:
  14. Yeah, some solutions, that makes me scratch my head. Sad to see very very limited under seat storage, but I guess you can’t have your cake and eat it at the same time.
    The most appalling part is, that you can’t unscrew the bolt with that key without scratching the plastic or the seat. That, they must redo.

    But it’s a fucking fantastic bike, this thing! :heart_eyes::motorcycleduc:
  15. There is no underseat storage at all, yet who was expecting any?

    The USB port is good for powering your phone if you run an extension from under the seat to the mounting point, generally the handle bars.

    I put another 20 miles on the HyperSP today, despite the 20 degree F temps. I use heated gear wired to the battery on the bike.

    My last two bikes were a Panigale 959 and a DRZ400SM. The Hyper is the best of all worlds. Fast and nimble. Comfortable and more potential than I can exploit. Love it.

    I am only 5 foot 8 inches. Wearing winter gear makes it a truly athletic event getting on the bike; I am tiptoes at a stop.

    Fantastic power delivery, amazing torque from the low end, the quickshifter, especially the downshifting is smooth as butter, the upshifting using the quickshifter is not as silky smooth, fantastic acceleration, powerful braking, so easy to maneuver in the turns.

    The sound is pleasant, surprisingly quiet. If you like noise, think aftermarket cans.

    The gear ratio is perfect for my taste and riding style. No need to start tinkering with changing sprockets.

    I have yet to play with rider aids. For now I am in sport mode, and it is amazing.

    This is the most enjoyable bike to ride I have ever experienced.
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