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Featured 2021 Krt Zx10r

Discussion in 'Other Bikes' started by Brouny851, Apr 1, 2021.

  1. Snapped up one of the first of these to land in Australia. Purchased late Feb with an informal lease back arrangement with the Dealer so they could display it provided they put up a large "DO NOT TOUCH" sign and dropped in every now then to check for fingerprints or smears.

    So have only had it two weeks and have been installing some mods plus it's been in the mid'30s here in Perth, Western Aust, so not comfortable riding weather. So she is not run in but I hope to do a track day in early May so hopefully things will cool off.

    Mods so far:
    • C/F Chain guard/Swingarm covers/below seat panel covers/frame covers (more coming)
    • Bonamici rearsets
    • GB case covers and shark fin
    • R&G sliders and tail tidy
    • ASV short levers
    • Rear Cowl (wanted $900AUD Green, $400 Black, I would have walked out, got Green $400)
    • Leo Vince Ti "GP" Exhaust
    Some Pics, first with the 2020 Gix Thou:

    Best together (2021_03_29 11_03_35 UTC).jpg Best RHS (2021_03_29 11_03_35 UTC).jpg Best LHS (2021_03_29 11_03_35 UTC).jpg 20210327_084233 (2021_03_29 11_03_35 UTC).jpg 20210327_084917 (2021_03_29 11_03_35 UTC).jpg 20210327_084324 (2021_03_29 11_03_35 UTC).jpg 20210327_085050 (2021_03_29 11_03_35 UTC).jpg
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  2. Looks great @Brouny851. Who is the Kwakka dealer in Perth these days? I am a Fremantle boy originally...
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  3. Enjoy
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  4. Mack 1 Kawasaki is where I went but it's not the only one.
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