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Featured 22 Year Itch!

Discussion in '748 / 916 / 996 / 998' started by Mark Langford, Apr 22, 2021.

  1. So today I scratched a 22 year itch and being 6ft2, 46 years old and due an imminent fusing of my left wrist, I thought a 748 would be perfect thing to buy o_O.
    Found what looks to be a very clean, low mileage. 2 owner, FSH bi-posto with Termis and a couple of carbon bits but otherwise fairly un-molested! Picking it up tonight was very special, riding position was hideous but the noise, smell and sheer joy when I eventually got to some country roads will live with me for a long time! I found people just stare like I did at Donington when I first saw a 916 in the mid 90’s... pulled in for a quick pint in my local and a group of older lads just gawped at it (it was either the bike or they were thinking how the hell did he get on that :joy:).
    I’ve got bolts and fixings to sort, loads of bits to polish, I’m going to get stuck in to the pipes where they curve under and up with some elbow grease, it had belts and a service last July, 100 miles ago but I’m going to get it properly checked over in a couple of weeks....other than that, I’m just going to enjoy owning my dream bike and hopefully you don’t mind me tapping you up for information!

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  2. Looks lovely. And thread moved ;)
  3. Congratulations that looks beautiful. The 98 has that clean almost decal free guise, it definitely highlights the lines of the 916.
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  4. You nailed it with ‘ the noise, smell and sheer joy when I eventually got to some country roads’
    this sums it up beautifully.
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  5. Looks like a cracker you’ve got there, and just in time for the right weather too :upyeah:
  6. tis a lovely thing and no mistake, wishing you many pain free miles together.
    (was lucky enough to ride one at Brands in '98, knew immediately that was it's natural environment)
  7. Riding a 916 in traffic is like being Houdini, but once out in the open roads you can unshackle the chains.Enjoy as you only live once.:upyeah:
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  8. And the sheer agony of the riding position. :D Enjoy though. It is an experience to savour.
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  9. The agony is worth the pleasure, enjoy the sights sounds and smells :D
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  10. I was 6'2" and 40 ish when I bought my 916. Sheer joy to ride and literally stopped traffic in the day. Agony to ride, it was my 50mile pleasure machine. Loved it. Enjoy it :)
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  11. I'm 5'8". I dont think theres a perfect 'height' to be for a 748/916. Theyre a pain in the wrist/neck/back for 80% of the time. However the other 20% makes it all worthwhile. I think theyre the best bike ever made. Despite my 916 being a nuisance, I still have it 20yrs later.
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  12. At 5ft7in I found my 748 and 916 pretty comfy.
    Before I sold the 916, I measured the seat-peg-bar geometry between that and my 749 and 1098. All of them were basically the same measurements.
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  13. Get some risers. Even 1 inch higher makes a big difference to comfort!
  14. reminds me of an ex bird i had :D
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  15. Congratulations. Nice.
  16. You’ll get soooo much joy riding that bike.
  17. I had a parrot! Red, noisy and stunk. Two parrot owners on a Ducati forum, what are the odds on that?:)
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  18. It sure does, it sure does:)
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  19. Great introduction and beautiful bike! :upyeah:
  20. Congratulations
    Enjoy i also achieved my 25 year itch with v2 last year and a 1260 last month it was only when
    I put the akra on v2 did the foggy sound came back to me
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