25th Wedding-help!

Discussion in 'Lounge' started by Symon Moore, May 15, 2019.

  1. Just keep it simple
    The small things are usually the best
    How about you say you have to go out, order a taxi to pick her up, go to your fav pub/coffee shop/ wherever
    Meet her with some flowers

    Don’t over think

    What does your other half like to do
    What about fish and chips at the seaside
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  2. Yep just a nice picnic by the river in the countryside just the two of you, spending money is not important or necessary.....all the best from Yorkshire :upyeah:
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  3. Just up the road from you is the national motorcycle museum which now has a restuarant in it? kerching
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  4. Perfect :upyeah:
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  5. upload_2019-5-15_18-48-45.png
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  6. I’m pretty sure if it features bikes or football, I’m going wrong!
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  7. Have you got a garden ?

    How about a special tree or a lovely planted terracotta pot with silver plants ?

    Things I’d like ;)
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  8. Do nothing.
    When on the day she gets upset as you haven’t whisked her away on a lovely trip, look her in the eye and tell her you were expecting HER to sort it.
    Modern times, equality - can’t have it both ways.
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  9. This could lead to a series of unwelcome trips being iniated by the newly crowned Trip Advisor... Beware of the law of unforseen repercussions.
  10. You could ask her what she's getting you first?
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  11. Perfect :)
  12. Have you got any presents you got at christmas that you were planning to give to someone you didn't like throughout the year as you didn't want them?
  13. Perhaps some nice 'father's day' underpants you haven't got around to wearing since?
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  14. I have't read this thread but isn't it about time you stopped getting married? It isn't a race, you know!
  15. I agree with @Ducbird and @Char Keep it simple. Flowers or a plant, a really nice card, go somewhere for a bite to eat. It is a silver anniversary. Silver jewelry is generally inexpensive(at least it is here in the states, if you stay away from expensive jewelry stores) so maybe a nice necklace or bracelet with a heart or flower charm/design as an affordable option.
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  16. Okay, I was avoiding bringing out the big guns. 3 events that I did and 2 went really well and one got me in trouble

    (1) picked her up on the varadero when I lived near the coast, in the top box was fish and chips in newspaper and 4 bottles of blue wkd and sat near Jaywick beach watching the sun go down
    (2) 8th wedding anniversary, spoke to the florist and every hour on the hour for 8 hours, the florist delivered 1 red rose in a box with a card
    (3) I bought a back load of red rose petals, laid them from the front door to the lounge once I knew she was on her way home, they went through the lounge and into the dinning room. In the dinning room was candles, champagne and a meal cooked by my own fair hands.

    The rose petals then went up the stairs where a piping hot bath was run with rose petals, floating candles and essence oil sticks around the bath and lastly, the petals led to the bed which had again candles and lights around it

    all events were real and all the consequences that followed were real
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  17. Number 3 burned the house down?
  18. Didn’t appreciate being pulled to the front door every hour to sign for another package?
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  19. Funny enough yes, number 3.

    1 & 2 got me a weeks worth of blow jobs, 2 got me massive brownie points with her friends but 3, well imagine the words as a walk through from the point of the door opening

    What's this fucking mess on my carpet, followed by, you know I'm on a fucking diet and you've cooked too much, wasted, wasted, Did you make this bath so hot it would burn me deliberately? and lastly, you can clear that shit off the bed and it better be done before I get out of the bath.

    Who would have thought blue wkd on jaywick beach would have given me better results than red rose petals and champagne
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  20. So, 8 marriages, one year each. Thought so!
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