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  1. I'm thinking about diving in and purchasing a Hobby type unit. Have read as many Amazon reviews as I can,but can they be trusted?
    Anybody on here have any experience/guidance? Circa £200.Thanks.
  2. Neeps might be your man.
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  3. Why do you want one?

    I'm just curious.
  4. I have been thinking about it for a while now, and whereas as on my old Guzzi I could adapt most things from a ball of string and a cornflake packet,the Panigale requires a bit more finesse. I like to make things rather than just buy them. First application if poss, would be mirror extender blocks for the 1299,. Just simple things like that really.If I'm being unrealistic I don't mind being told so.
  5. No I think they're great things, but I personally wouldn't have a use for one.

    I take it you'd have to draw the extenders up on a cad thing and then print from that?

    I remember the first printer I bought, in about 1993, basic black and white, was £250.00

    How things have come on . . .
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  6. Take a look at the Creality Ender 3, I have one myself and they can be purchased for around £160 with shipping from the UK (if you purchase it from Aliexpress like I did and the Germany shipping option will actually ship from the UK, or it's currently £188 on Amazon). It's my first 3D printer and I've had a great experience with it so far. I'd suggest watching a bunch of reviews on YouTube first as that'll be much more helpful than the Amazon reviews (which I personally find useless).
  7. Don't forget these are much cheaper.....
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  8. ..ducati branded strap on cocks..
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  9. That’s what we are when attired in replica leathers :thinkingface:
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  10. Thanks Neeps,great to have a reliable recommendation, as a bonus that gives a larger platform too.
    Just as well cause 12 inches is a good number for me.
    Seriously,have You tried with ABS?
  11. That seems to be the jist,of it. Just some quality sofware needed.And there seems to be some of that available for free.
  12. Yea I've been printing a load of ABS (ESUN brand) the past couple weeks, it works great providing you get your settings correct (see picture below, the cylinders are 100mm in diameter and 50mm high with a massive overhang). The Only thing you need to do is cover the printer with something to prevent drafts from cooling the print unevenly, I just use a polythene sheet.

    I accidentally set my bed temperature too high (limit is stated as 100C but I done 120C) this caused the original print surface to peel off so I replaced it with a sheet of mirror glass (£5 for 4 sheets from ikea) with a piece of print surface stuck on top (the same material as the original bed surface, so the stock printer should work fine providing you're not a numpty like me).

  13. I highly recommend NOT typing into the Guggle and interweb, fat men in leathers. It doesn't return what I was looking for that's for sure
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  14. Thanks again Neeps,and some interesting pointers,exactly what I was hoping for.
  15. Those parts look very smooth, a good finish.

    Just how durable are rendered parts like that? Difficult to say I guess but durability was my first thought when someone mentioned mirror extenders.

    Out of curiosity what is the bracket you've rendered?
  16. We have been prototyping for 20 years with SLA / SLS and all their derivatives - if parts are need for prototype vehicle builds at JLR this is just the first process - these 'printed' models are then used to produce a low cost silicon type mould to do low production runs in cold cast materials. This is effectively the first stage of a process to get useable parts - although the printing and materials are getting better all the time if using high end kit.
    I have no experience of the hobbyist market and in 20 years of access to these processes I have never felt the need to get anything made this way... but we do have machine shops with laser scanners, spark erosion and other posh stuff which I have utilised a little :innocent:
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  17. Corrected for you ... you can thank me later :blush: :D

    Oligarch ziggy... fingers in all the pies :)
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  18. I cannot for the life of me see which words you changed :thinkingface:
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  19. Thanks again Neeps,took the plunge over the weekend and went with your recommendation.
    If any body is interseted,I bought it from Ender-3d-printer, (ebay). They had it up for £199 or best offer with a few accessories,and kindly let me have it for £175 posted.
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