40 Years Since Thatcher

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  1. She was the best.....
  2. the answer my friend is blowing in the wind..
  3. said it before bro, it ain't about just ME.
  4. finger pointer
  5. Storm Doris ?

    (I think I'm missing something here)
  6. He meant "Diane". Diane Abbott.

    Poor bloke is fixated on that bodacious piece of totty.
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  7. "Please Sir" comedy series Doris Ewell headmasters secretary, not saying you are an old woman Alan.
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  8. I cant support any of them. Theyre all self interested weasels.
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  9. UYB Loz
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  10. Anarchy for you then, you foul mouthed fiend.
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  11. Ah :confused: Little bit before my time.

    I've been called worse, don't worry.:)
  12. Back to Thatcher......

    I think I understand how she ended up being voted in, in my view it wasn't because she had brilliant ideas on how to solve any problems it was just for the sake of change.

    Now back to my question, how did she 'fix' anything that Labour had 'broken' ?
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  13. no offence meant its just a phrase i use regularly Doris.;)
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  14. Flattered, obviously!

    But I decline with thanks. Anatomically speaking, bums are meant to be one-way systems and I have made my choice.
  15. She broke the will and power of most unions (not all, ISTR the Doctors kicked her arse). Labour hadn't broken "industrial relations" in the strictest sense, but it had encouraged poor practice. I count that as "fixing".

    Obviously, she did this by unleashing the full fury of the police force against some unions and behaving more like a conquering invader than a Prime Minister ... so there's that, too. She fixed Labour's inability to declare war on UK citizens.

    Pleased and proud to have assisted you here : o )
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  16. There's many out there who disagree, reach around any good mate ?
  17. I'll get back to you on that.

    Stop sending pics!
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  18. You are describing Socialism in action, spending other people’s money in the expectation someone else will pay it back in the future. A little rampant inflation helps the government by reducing debt value, but makes other people’s money worthless too.

    Better is to facilitate wealth creation using the leverage of the state to create opportunities, then tax the wealth that has been created.

    An example of making money through cutting taxes was the abolition of income tax rates above 40% which increased the overall tax yield, though Labour have since reintroduced 50% as a punishment for being wealthy.
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  19. i think its been the tory way since the year dot and the only way a labour gov can get elected is to mirror them. diverting public money into private hands
    i guess theres many a definition of socialisem. personnaly i dont see investing other peopes money as a bad thing. mostly because other peoples money is the nations wealth. not "others". no self made man made it by themselves. ever.
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  20. Trickle down has always worked as a jumpstart, it will never work as a constant which is what Labour has always done. Let someone else do the hard work and take as much of the money as you can then try and make themselves look like robin hood for maturbatory peoples adulation.

    Corbyn socialism will never work and the only time Labour got somethings right in modern times, is when they pretended to be tories.

    Back to thatcher, she was a true leader, even sturgeon bought thatchers old suits to look more Thatcher-esk and hoped some of it rubbed off.