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44 Teeth - Budget Bike Battle 4 - Benidorm

Discussion in 'Lounge' started by Robarano, Oct 21, 2019.

  1. I've seen the cattle prod video :astonished:
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  2. Did someone just say r1’s don’t blow up ? :joy:
    The cross plane ones do, we had I think three or four expire in Spain a few weeks ago. Not good!
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  3. I only seen one let go at Alcarras. Was there more?
  4. yes mate, the obvious one which I’m assuming you saw (hard to miss) as it detonated and caught fire and two more. One had a rod go through the side of the block and the other one I heard was rattling.

    The one that caught fire was brand new. The other two were a 2018 and 17 I was told.

    I was right behind that poor guy on the gsxr that cleared the tyre wall in to the chicane o_O
    Me and Hicky jumped on the anchors to see if he was alright as it looked nasty!
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  5. I seen the black one that put a rod out the side. Didn’t know about the other 2
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  6. brand new that bike :weary_face:
  7. That was nuts. I heard he broke both arms, apparently the throttle/blipper jammed on and propelled him at the tyre wall
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  8. Strange, and not a nice place to go off either
  9. Where did it happen?
  10. Entry to the chicane mate

  11. I thought they where impregnable until Anglesey this year when that one Ellison rents to Small Boys on occasion just decided to not turn on and wasnt fixable until after lunch. 2018 and stock with hardly any miles, da fuq.
  12. I’ve seen loads expire!

    Equally some people own them and have no issues at all though.
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  13. Which model... ;)
  14. Only a few days iirc. :thinkingface: Definitely less that a week.
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  15. :)

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  16. That arrow looks like an upside down camel toe to me...

    Having a long distance relationship takes it's toll.
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  17. :)

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  18. :)

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  19. Making me slightly miss my old 07 R1. It's a cracking looking bike and nicer than the Suzuki alll day long.
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