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44 Teeth, Finally They Get Something Correct.

Discussion in 'Lounge' started by Wayne58, Jul 13, 2018.

  1. Fascinating!
  2. i think this is a Ducati forum :eyes:
  3. Finally some actual knowledgable chit-chat notably not from dumb-n-dumber
  4. Showing a bit of creativity although I'm reminded of the y/t tit yammie noob. With his collection of what types of riders you will meet'
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  6. Oh my gawd, potnoodle cuppa tea & two twats....at 2am' before bed
  7. This ones not for me, I liked the bike content in the older ones, either fixing/doing bits to older bikes or just featuring older sportsbikes, will wait for the next series.

  8. Laptimes
    RSV4 -1:51:36
    R1m -1:52:45
    cb1000rrrr -1:53:02
    V4s -1:53:24
    s1000rr - n/a???
  9. The stock sprockets on the Honda make me want to cry
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  10. So that's why I'm so slow! Where do you get those RSV4 things :laughing:
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  11. His spill on the bmw made me chuckle
  12. 44t Sponsored by BMW

    Chris must be on the payroll.. Can't say a bad thing about BMW..
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  13. He does love a Beemer, got an R100 and an RNineT, also had an HP4

  14. He is in business with bahnstormer ....
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