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  1. just over 6 years ago I was running about on a 748 SPS along with my MV. The vertical Cylinder belt shredded. Thought it was a disaster and started searching for a new head just for starters. During the search came across a 916sp engine throttles P8 and loom so snapped it up

    While the bike was stripped decided to clean the lot got some of the frame paint from specialist paint supplier and did the frame and swing arm.
    All put together and got it running. First ride out was to Willingham woods to meet some of the members off the previous Ducati Forum. Halfway home it went pop.
    The engine was locked, luckily it happened at a junction barely doing 20 mph.

    Having been recovered to home started stripping. It had dropped a valve in the Horizontal Cylinder chewed the head up real bad and bent the other three valves.
    SP heads are pretty rare and so I took the head to an Engineer in Northalerton. He repaired it fitted new guides and sourced some forged one piece valves costing half the price of Ducati valves. His only fault was he was very very slow. He had lots of work doing race engines for four wheeled race teams
    I so missed my Ducati I chopped in my Brutale and bought a 1098 s

    Once more on a Ducati the urgency to get the 748/916 hybrid on the road took a back seat.
    I did take the head off the 748 and guess what Completely undamaged no bent valves no marks on the Pistons ( dare not tell the missus) The inlet camshaft was locked solid.
    Either a foreign object had jammed the bearing or a ball was breaking and jammed it but after some fiddling it eventually moved as if nothing was wrong

    Every now and then I did a little more putting it back together. Skip forward to just over a month ago. I went to Italia in Lincoln for some plugs for the 1098,
    In amongst all the new stuff were a couple of 916's and in my view looked as good as anything there. Had I been in the Market to buy it would have been one of those.

    That was the catalyst and so today I pressed the button and into life came the 916 sp
    Started first go and after adjusting the throttle cable it sat there ticking over evenly and quietly compared to the 1098 even though the 916 has unbaffled 50 mil termis
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  2. Happy days.:)
  3. Sounds like a lovely story,
    Is the SP up and running then?
  4. If you mean taxed and tested and riding about, not yet it was only started and run for the first time today, won't be long though
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  5. I was one of the riders that met up at Willingham Woods and remember your misfortune on the way home.
  6. g
    Dukedesmo was there too and a girl with a White 848 can't remember her screen name though
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  7. I think her name was ducgirl or very similar, I seem to remember the main bearings went on her 848, they were repaired under warranty and never heard from her since.
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  8. I remember it well. After Ducatisti finished I don't think 'DucatiGirl' ever joined this site. I have seen her a couple of times in recent years and last I knew she was still on the 848 and racking up the miles.

    Be good to see you and the 748/916/1098 around sometime. :upyeah:
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  9. I remember meeting up with a lad called Dave at Barlbough riding a 996 and riding down to Newark where we met up with DucatiGirl and a few others for the run over to Willingham Woods.
  10. I was watching the midland meet thread a while ago but it seemed to die a death. Would be good to meet up again somewhere. I'll keep my eyes open
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  11. Dainesegirl, I think her name was.
  12. I know the girl you are talking about. She works in one of our offices based near Witham st Hughs near Lincoln. As far as i know she still has her 848.
  13. So basically then, has anyone got her number?
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  14. I have
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  15. Ready for a test and some tax then

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