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600ss Cafe Build

Discussion in 'Supersport (1974-2007)' started by sharksqb16, Apr 28, 2020.

  1. Due to the current times I decided to drag the 600 out after four years sat in boxes & rebuild it. had a few issue along the way but nothing major and sorted. Put the clutch in last evening. Its built as the drawing in the manual.
    To me my clutch seems wrong. The Clutch pressure plate sits inside hub? so dont see how it press the plates, as from pictures there is a 5mm gap between plates and hub. There are 8 Friction plates, 8 steel, 1 one sided friction plate and the cur-clip as per manual. To me there is something a miss here, maybe wrong.
    Bought engine, frame and other bits in boxes and sorted other parts along the way but engine/clutch came together.
    Any advice help much appreciated. IMG_0285.jpg IMG_0295.jpg IMG_0298.jpg IMG_0316.jpg IMG_0317.jpg IMG_0319.jpg
  2. @Arquebus has a lot of experience with the wet clutch engines.
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  3. Also has anyone got a exhaust collar and collets for sale for 600 or a pair thanks
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  4. Thanks I may have assembled it wrong ie spacers wrong way round
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  5. I've got a pair if you'd like? Bought them for my 600 but it didn't need them as the headers have a deeper collar on the end of the pipe.
  6. Hi thanks let me no how much
  7. I’ll need to dig them out to confirm exactly how many I’ve got, assume you need all four to cover both cyclinders? £20 posted for the lot?
  8. Sorted clutch, the pressure plate had slipped off the center hub.
    Can any one tell/show how the clutch hose routing on a 600ss goes please, as I got this bike as a box of parts and cant find any diagrams of it.
    Has anyone got a spare exhaust Flange/collar for sale for 600, got some collets coming from jimmer.


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  9. So the clutch hose heads up the frame, along the frame at the bottom of the tank and then round the headstock and up to the clutch master. Sorry for the sideways photos, working from my phone

    DC2F4E84-DFD0-4FC1-875D-B337AB9D6605.jpeg C4428CA0-291A-45A6-B8C5-9A85CEBBD962.jpeg 16890666-3C8A-4801-B8F5-C5B0B4E1C227.jpeg
  10. Thank you great help
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  11. Just Going through electrics, wiring harness and components etc, noticed I don’t have a regulator rectifier, I think I’ve read somewhere that others use different bike ones ie Kawasaki or Honda or is this just a myth, should I just use a Ducati one. Tia
  12. Or an Electrex RR51

    Wiring is simple.

    REG WIRING.jpg
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  13. Just about to put cam belts on. According to the manual there are very distinct marks on the cam wheels but mine don't have, mine only have some punch marks, are these the marks that I am meant to go by? I have marked them with some paint, thanks for any info.



  14. Anyone no the part number for rebuild kit for front brake master cylinder for a 600ss (single front brake) or no where I could get one.
    I also have broken fin on barrel any recommendation of glue to fix, used Araldite didn't work. Thanks for any info.
  15. Not sure about the 600, but the 900 you can't get a rebuild kit for. Its a 16mm piston. AMSKTM in the UK do kits, they use the same braking on many similar era KTMs
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  16. don't think you can glue the fin back on believe it will have to be alloy welded
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  17. OP states single disk so shouldn't be a 16mm master cylinder - maybe 13 or 14mm? Early twin disk bikes were, I think, 15mm with the later ones 16mm as you've said.
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  18. Got the old girl fired up today for the first time since i bought it four years ago, just a load of parts in boxes, sounds ok just a bit of popping carbs might need a bit of tuning or valves adjusting. Have tried to upload a video of 42 seconds but saying error file to big! Yet uploads on other media.
    On another note I am after the bracket that fits to the frame which the tank catch clips to at the head stock, if anyone has one for sale or has photo of one and some dim's so I could make one would be helpful. Thanks
  19. Maybe you could upload it to YouTube and then put a link on this thread.
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