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600ss Clutch Slipping....

Discussion in 'Supersport (1974-2007)' started by Cabhan, Oct 30, 2019.

  1. Hi Everyone,
    went for ride the other day and after 20 min the clutch started to slip through all of the gears. Now should I changed the oil first to see if it will help? I done about 600miles on a new oil since last service on May.The garage has use Motul 5100 15/50,would that be the right spec oil? Thanks.
  2. I use Motul 7100 10W40 oil in my 600ss. Clutch slipped a bit once on take off but otherwise okay.
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  3. top quality oil and fine for wet clutches - could be several things - have you got approx 3mm of play at clutch lever when cold?
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  4. My 750 used to slip as well. The thinner oil is worth a try, as is making sure you avoid condensation in the clutch housing. Try to avoid short journeys and leave the oil filler cap off after a trip to allow water vapour to escape. I used to put mine on top of the petrol tank to remind me to put it back.
    The condensation forms a mayonnaise, which then gets whipped into a slippery goo by the spinning clutch
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  5. Will try the new oil then so. Should I buy Castrol Power 1 4T 10/40 semi synthetic,or Castrol Power 1Racing 4T 10/40 full synthetic?? And do I have to take the fairings off the bike for change??

    Not sure about 3mm play at clutch when cold,could be. How important is it to have it exact??
    Thank you
  6. It doesn't have to be exact, which is why Chris said approx. The main thing is to have some play but too much and you'll start to get drag.

    Expect to take at least the r/h fairing off, probably both. It shouldn't be difficult.
  7. I had this on mine and it was an issue with the master cylinder not allowing fluid to return to the reservoir when the clutch was released. This led to the fluid in the line heating up and expanding as I rode, applying a little pressure to the clutch and allowing slip. Stripped the master cylinder and it was in really bad shape so ended up replacing it. Seems to have worked but I've barely done any miles since sorting it...
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  8. IME semi synthetic works best. Fully does tend to slip when clutch is getting a little worn, bit still ok, and engine is hot
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  9. I haven't got chance due to work to do anything yet,but was able to ride it twice for at least 20miles each ride and no clutch slipping. Maybe clutch wouldn't warm up at 20miles? but it hardly fixed itself:thinkingface:
  10. My 600ss mends itself all the time - sometimes the neutral light doesn't come on at all then other times it is on all the time. :)
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  11. yes, blocked gallery will do it :upyeah: clutch works fine from cold with play at lever and then system slowly "pumps up" until no play at lever and then clutch slips. Detailed on this Forum at least 3 times - bore of gallery approx 0.6 mm from memory.

    Another is oil-saturated plates which happens occasionally when bike not used for "a long time" - no rhyme or reason as to why it affects some and not others.
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  12. Iam going to take it for spin on Thursday (should be +12)for at least 40miles and see if it repaired itself:). Thanks
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  13. Motul 5100 is a semi-synthetic oil, I'm sure Ducati specify fully synthetic oil of 10W40 grade for your bike so the 15W50 the garage used is a bit on the thick side.
  14. I used Silkolene Super 4 10-40 Semi Synthetic (although the Silkolene rep told me it was as near as dammit Fully synthetic).
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