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748/999 Build

Discussion in 'Builds & Projects' started by Russ21, Oct 20, 2019.

  1. I’ve taken over an unfinished project from a friend. It’s a 748 with a 999 engine. The 748 dropped a valve at Brands in 07, instead of repairing the motor, we decided to replace with a 999 Testastretta motor.
    At the time, the conversion was pretty unheard of, so getting the thing to fit & run was all unknown.
    Anyway, 12 yrs later, I’ve bought the project from my friend. It’s been running and ventured out on track at Cadwell (12yrs ago) but that’s about it. It’s been sat at the back of his garage under cover.

    I’ll be starting the strip and rebuild in the next coming weeks. Expect plenty of pics and stupid questions lol


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  2. Ducati did the conversion many years before. It was called a 998
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  3. Yes, very good :rolleyes:
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  4. With such a conversion, it's never going to be worth more than a standard bike, so what motivated you to get a non working bitsa, 12 years not ridden or working? What do you see its future as ?
  5. @andyb is your guy for this.
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  6. inspirational !
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  7. You’re completely right. It’ll never be worth as much as a standard non molested example. I build bikes in my spare time (I’ve built 4 Dukes in the past from race/track bikes to show bikes) and this was cheap, really really cheap! My friend was sitting on it and needed it gone. So thought I’d get the project going again and finish it off.

    I’m not building this for financial gain, I’m building it for myself, and I’ll be keeping it.
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  8. look forward to seeing the pics/progress! winter on the way and we need build threads!!! good luck :upyeah::upyeah:
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  9. I like projects myself but am always interested when people do them as to why THAT project and WHY now? It's always good to see what motivates people
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  10. It’s funny, as I’ve got older I get much more enjoyment form building the bikes over riding them.

    I broke my back at Brands just over ten years ago and it’s caused me no end of issues. I can’t really ride longer than an hour without pain, that’s probably why I enjoy the build process a little more.

    I always get a kick form finding/sourcing the hard to find/exotic parts too. I find it really satisfying :blush:
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  11. Russ, looking forward to this, i do like a good resurrection thread.

    none of my projects are ever money spinners and all of them work out more in the long run than if id had the money to buy the thing in the first place, but I totally get why you would and are doing this one, its about that satisfaction seeing it come to life through graft, swearing, and perseverance, a feeling which just opening you wallet because you can will never give you.

    Did you have to modify the frame to get the ‘stretta engine in there?, and where do you see yourself taking it once the initial tidying and commissioning has taken place? :upyeah:
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  12. Totally agree. My S4 special started out as "I reckon this would look good with a 916 tank and a Panigale back end on it"

    .......3 years and £thousands later and I realise it would have just been cheaper and easier to street fighter a Pani! :astonished:

    But it's been a labour of love
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  13. Picked up the 748/999 today, she’s been sat 12 years and it shows. I got straight to work. The engine is now ready to drop, all ready for a check over/new belts and service.

    Frame will then have the satin black powered coat removed and be repainted factory bronze.
    Every fastener, rubber hose, pipe, oil cooler and rad all need changing. Forks are shot to pieces too, absolutely no saving, straight in the bin.

    On a more positive side. Didn’t realise it came with some Gucci bits n bobs.

    Ducati Corse slipper clutch
    Ohlins Rear Shock
    Brembo Radial MC

    I noticed on the spare set of wheel, I’ve got a set of early 3 spoke rims. With Ducati Racing in the raised letters around the centre. I won’t be needing them, so if anyone is after a set, please let me know. I’m after a set of 5 Spoke Marchesini





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  14. cracking start..
    when i refurbed my 748 i bought a zinc plating kit and done all the fasteners and brackets that i couldn't find in stainless..
    don't know if you have tried this before but its easy and quite rewarding.. probably doesn't save a lot (if anything) over shopping em out but its fun!
    bought of a company called classic plating, the owner of which is a really helpful guy who doesn't mind answering daft questions
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  15. Great idea. Think I’ll take that route too. Don’t fancy paying Ducati prices for replacements lol

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  16. classic plating have an ebay shop btw
  17. How did you clean all the corrosion off them?
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  18. Before you junk the forks Russel what condition are the fork outers in? ie the bit the fork leg slides into. I’m after one fork leg outer to replace one of mine on my old set where the lacquer coating has lifted and corrosion has started underneath.
  19. boiling water with washing powder to remove any oil/grease,water, an acid pickle that came with the kit, clean water again, then straight in the plating tub..
    sounds a faf but its not really.. i had a sink and lil gas stove in my workshop so it was all to hand.
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  20. ^ Braver man than me. Whip en out and bang em into the platers. Cheap as chips and great results. Yellow zinc passivate, it’s the future!
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