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748 748e Ulez

Discussion in '748 / 916 / 996 / 998' started by Billy10, Oct 15, 2019.

  1. For those in or close to London, does anyone either know NOx for 748E (or BP, S, R) or have experience of getting documentation from Ducati to show exemption?

    I read another thread in which someone wrote about gaining exemption for a 916 but I couldn't find details as to how that was done. My V5 doesn't show any emissions info, so suggestions as to cheapest and easiest way to proceed much appreciated. Cheers
  2. I think you will need to pay to get it tested, there was a thread on here about it (maybe search ULEZ?) and from memory a 916 owner got passed with blanking off one air inlet (the tester did that), I've not heard of anyone actually failing the test but it costs.
    Ducati can't help with emissions as it wasn't required at time of manufacture.
  3. thanks v much

    any info people have appreciated. test is £175 so would like to be as sure as possible before going
  4. fwiw my understanding is that higher combustion temps lead to higher NOx. Thus if bike runs rich (within limits) it is more likely to pass test. Would be interesting to know if restricting anyone else heard about restricting air intake benefitting test, as presumably bike runs hotter even over 3km test?
  5. @Shorty4045 went through this with his bike and got the exemption. I’ll be doing mine once it’s all back in one piece
  6. thanks. did it go through as standard?
  7. thanks. p.10 is helpful

    would be good to know if anyone takes 748. I would guess that a decently fuelled one may pass first time. prob worth letting engine cool completely prior to test
  8. Only change was to tape over one of the front air intakes since it failed the first test run.
    It’s all a bit crazy to make the engine less efficient to reduce NOx, but CO2 must rise?
  9. If Ducati can’t help your only other option is to pay to get it tested ...
    TFL have provided the option of getting any bike NOx tested (£175)
    I was told to make sure the air filter is standard OEM part

    TFL approved NOx testing centre

    National Emissions Test Centre Booking’s
  10. thanks. appreciate it. will find out and post if i have anything useful to add

    hopefully someone else may have tried a 748?
  11. Just run that past me.

    Above 90mph....in London? How does that come into the equation?
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  12. Some people don't slow down for traffic?
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  13. I agree, it shows the complete absurdity of the test criteria !!!
  14. Research could be wrong. But that comment relates to leaded fuel: "Further, for the leaded fuel (RON of 92), as the speed of the engine increases the CO and NOx emissions decrease..."

    I beleive the test is not London-specific, but is an industry standard test to determine average NOx/km over a given distance and with varying revs / loads.
  15. Just received reply from Ducati. Took a couple of months. NOx are 0.13 for my 748E, so will register it with TfL to be exempt
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  16. ^ Interesting Billy. I have off the back of this just written to Ducati ref my 748r. Be intriguing to see what eventually comes back. I used the online contact form for this, assume you did the same?
  17. I imagine that's right. I emailed Ducati Customer Service at [email protected] and they sent it to the correct department. Took approx 2 months

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