748 748r Light Refurb, Well, It Started That Way.....

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  1. 0E5FB259-CFF0-4AB7-844F-5831F87B81CD.jpeg 0EC0D921-E91F-4B6D-B1B2-EE9614E85896.jpeg Hi
    Started to strip the bike today to have top fairing re lacquered and new number board fitted. At same time, stripping all carbon off as it’s very tired and that also will be re lacquered.
    Couple of questions please.
    I think I have quick release fuel pipes but there are no o ring seals present. I had to twist the fastners to remove. Can anyone confirm that these are quick release ones please?

    Second, the carbon heat shield to the exhaust won’t budge on the top fastner. Is there a knack to getting it off? I do not want to break the carbon. See pic.

  2. No I don't think so, here's one.
    To releice them there is a small clip that has to be squeezed.
  3. Looks like they’ve been pulled straight down. As Steve says, there’s a clip either side on the female which needs pressing to release it. Do yourself a favour and replace with metal Q/Rs if you intend to keep the bike
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  4. The clip can be seen on the tank fittings.
  5. Nice sensor nut, Birdie! :cool:
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  6. That was a prototype nut made by Andy @final_edition.
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  7. New sensors come with just a boring alloy nut! Nowt that fancy! :)
  8. The old plastic ones were a known weak spot, they got brittle with age and easily cracked iff slightly over tightened.
  9. Looks like they are quick release but broken off?
    If you don't want metal ones I have California Cycleworks ones on stock and Alloy Sender Nuts :innocent:
  10. I'm sure they aren't quick releice, pulled out or not.
  11. I had one snap on my MV750F4S and I'm sure it looked similar :thinkingface: it was a while ago though...
  12. I'm not sure what other fitments there are but the picture of my spare one is nothing like Jack's.
  13. Hi, they are the QR ones, brittle as buggery and snapped off. I could smell fuel on occasion whilst coming to a stop when riding the bike so I did suspect a that I would find an issue.

    Any thoughts on the carbon heat shield? It looks like the top hat that the bolt goes though has corroded onto the frame or carbon. It is stuck fast. Currently soaking in WD40.
  14. Yay, I got something correct :innocent:
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  15. PM sent
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  16. All I can make out with the quick release fittings is the inner part has pulled through the sleave with the o ring, I would have thought they were fixed (glued) in some way. Live and learn.
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  17. The outer piece has cracked - it's not so much that they become brittle with age, more that the Polyoxymethylene (or POM) (or Acetal Resin to the layman) they are made from is notch sensitive and cracks propagate easily from the sharp edges in the design..... :eyes:
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  18. I managed to get the exhaust heat shield off without damage! Hooray. Copious WD40 then a few firm taps on the tophat with a light persuader and blunt steel bar and it came free. It was seized up solid.
    @West Cork Paul - that was a close one ;)

    Just dropped all the carbon and faring upper down to the bodyshop (Lotus and RR specialist) who have promised to take some pics as they go, so will post up in due course. They are doing it as a fit in between jobs, so it could be a couple of weeks.
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  19. A bit late but the O.E quick release ones have sliding metal clips at the bottom end.
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