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748 748s Front Disc Options

Discussion in '748 / 916 / 996 / 998' started by John E, Mar 1, 2020.

  1. 8D5EA537-693F-4B4B-9F1B-7DA72A436FD5.jpeg Morning all.

    My front discs are starting to warp, giving a bit of brake judder, and been told to replace them before the next MOT. I’ve got the standard ‘snowflake’ design but can’t seem to find anyone that sells them, so assume they’re no longer available. I don’t take the bike on the track, so fast road use only. What would you recommend replacing them with?

  2. disc doctor may be able to help you.. think they can supply new rotors for your carriers. never used em but just seen em advertised.
  3. Give the bobbins and carrier mounts a good clean. Tight bobbins are far more common than warped discs
  4. Thanks, hadn’t realised that made a difference, will definitely do that before looking to buy new ones :upyeah::)
  5. I'd go for the brembo series oro discs if you do need replacements.
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  6. Here you go.

    if that doesn’t work what @cookster said.
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  7. I made a bunch of the disc carriers and in the slightly older style. as long as the discs are true, quite often the judder is down to the worn carriers, as they are made of softer aluminium. I got these ones made with T7075, so much tougher and they made a real difference on my discs. The rotational wear is the biggest problem, when combined with the side to side "float"

    Mine are the 12 bobbin discs, rather than the 10 bobbin ones that I think you have on your bike.
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  8. Not all bobbins are hollow so this method won't always work.
    Mine are solid.
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  9. @Tim K might still have a set for sale.
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  10. John, if its any help the ones fitted to the 748S models are the same as the standard ones on the 996s and some Monsters but are not the same as those fitted to the 2001/2002 748E or 748R. There are however plenty available second hand. Part number was 49240101A but was superseded by 49240791A
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