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Featured 749 749s Titanium Termi Silencer Repair (happy Ending)

Discussion in '749 / 999' started by Billy London, Jul 15, 2021.

  1. Hello everybody peeps,

    I bought a 749s back in March. It was reasonably priced so I knew it would be needing some work. It was MOT'd (God knows how) so I've been out and about on it and I'm in love.

    One of the things needing immediate attention was the split titanium (I thought it was stainless, but I've been reliably informed that because it sparks white when grinding, it's titanium) silencer. Piccies ....

    As you can see, its fooked!

    I called around maybe half a dozen welders in Suffolk & Essex, whatsapp'd them these piccies and they all said "No can do".

    Fine, I thought, I'll get a new second hand silencer. The keen eyed of you will have noticed that its a symetrical silencer. I could only find the assyemtrical variety. Bugger I thought.

    My brother in-law suggested I try whojamaflip in Clacton, I gave him a call and he put me onto JCG Engineering. Well this guy, John, has saved my bacon. He couldn't repair the previous rubbish repairs but he could sort out a new fitting doodah using the pop riveted (in stainless) band that goes around the termi.

    He tacked up the below and asked me to test fit before welding up proper..


    It fitted perfectly so I whipped it back to John and got this back...


    I'm well chuffed. John is an artisan. His CV is well impressive with Aero, Rallye Cars and Racing bikes. He fixes holed/damaged petrol tanks for motorbike race teams. He charged me £250.00 for the repair, which I thought, considering my options, was very reasonable. I stayed up late last night refitting it all and it went together perfectly (apart from the krypton factor that is the rear light/heatshield/plastic/fibre washers wuck fit).

    I thought I'd pass on this useful information as there is bound to be others in a similar sitch.

    I'm not getting a kickback or any sausage rolls (I might try and blag a burger from the Great Bentley bike meet on Wednesdays) for passing this info on:

    John Clayton 07527-852450 / 01206-250871 [email protected]

    If we don't use skilled artisans like this, we are going to loose them!

    He is based in Thorpe Le Soken, Essex CO16 0HH

    All the best,

    Billy x
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  2. Nice.
    Is the new plate also titanium?
  3. nice job,
    also don't forget Phil Smith from Storm performance fabrications ( SPF) as he has done a few exhaust repairs for me in Ti and the works is always to a very high standard.
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  4. Hi Ricky,

    No the new plate and bores are in stainless, but I see above that Storm Performance does repairs in Titanium.

    #4 Billy London, Jul 15, 2021
    Last edited: Jul 20, 2021
  5. ...we have a different understanding of the phrase "happy ending".

    Looks good, thanks for the info, I also have a cracked 999 Ti endcan needing welding. Foolishly tried to acetylene weld it, so now it needs a small plate adding as well as welding!
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  6. Indeed! I do understand the other happy ending :blush:

    My end can had had a poor previous repair but John cut that away and fabricated a perfectly fitting plate/flange with the two bores/pipes/whathaveyou and it works perfectly. The plate/flange slid into the muffler bit and was riveted in place using the existing band. Been out for a bimble :motorcycleduc: to scrub in some new tires, and it still sounds very Ducati :grinning:
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