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For Sale 848 Drive Parts And Multi/74x Rear Wheel

Discussion in 'Parts, Accessories & Clothing For Sale' started by Nostromo, May 11, 2020.

  1. I’m swapping to the bigger axle so got some bits to sell
    5 Cush drives 70 posted
    Hub flange 35 posted
    eccentric hub 160 posted
    Rear disc 35 posted
    Rear axle 75 posted
    Stainless axle nut/washer 35 posted
    Rear wheel 120 posted Sold
    Cnc barends 25 posted Sold
    F750CABD-66BC-4977-B7EF-C2CB02D52CC1.jpeg 0C5B0235-7718-48CA-A632-E517B4D9DA3E.jpeg 1EA0D99A-BC91-43FC-8A7E-1FD79BF0F0E8.jpeg 485C4F14-F018-4175-8E76-D420BC64A885.jpeg D1B47F65-4CE5-48ED-95BC-024DA686EFBB.jpeg 0D04A709-0D17-4767-8C2E-CF5891D72B7F.jpeg 6CE22336-5DD9-4E67-8D96-AF9685DDE1ED.jpeg 883EB3EC-D088-40D1-BB31-D65213E02C42.jpeg 5723080F-8405-4CCF-8EAA-2D2DA26A98A0.jpeg 332132F9-08AA-4964-8C92-980E25225280.jpeg
    #1 Nostromo, May 11, 2020
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  2. PM sent
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  3. Rear wheel sold
  4. Barends are mine pls. PM for UK address and your PP gift email.
  5. Barends sold and bump
  6. Bump and open to offers
  7. Bump and price update

    5 Cush drives 45 posted
    Hub flange 25 posted
    eccentric hub 120 posted
    Rear disc 15 posted
    Rear axle 65 posted
    Stainless axle nut/washer 25 posted
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