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Featured 848 848rs)) Big Bore 1040 Experiment

Discussion in '848 / 1098 / 1198' started by Anton24, Apr 19, 2021.

  1. Hi guys!

    I’m Anton from St.Petersburg, Russia.

    I’d like to tell about our experience with Big Bore kit (BBk) for D848.

    We’re fun of red “neoclassic”)) superbikes from Bologna. Race days, local championships etc… As for many people, like us, one day the limit of RPM, max power and speed, pushed us to look for additional HP.

    In the start, it was standard 848 with 112 HPRW, than head porting, cam timing, Ignijet ECU and full Arrow, let’s make us 128HPRW.

    Next step we install BBk 1040, head and cams from 1098, SBK wiring harness for 1098r and reached 138 HPRW.

    We were a little bit disappointed with the result, as planned a little bit more)) and decided to go on with some new ideas…

    For the first, we try to rebuild heads like “R spec”: we designed and made to order special titanium 6 mm valves 34mm and 42mm (the same size as D1098), valve guides and seats were made by ourselves, and we installed cams from D1198, with valve lift 13mm.



    Another problem for D848 (and 1098-1198models) is a throttle body (tb). It makes a lot of troubles during mapping and does not let to make good result. We decided to change it for tb from D959, for correct injection. After some research we made CNC kit for reinstallation of 959tb for manual operation and install everything on the bike.






    The spec list:


    1040 BBkit

    Shafts 1198;

    Valves – titanium, standard size, specially made according our spec in Russia;

    Valve seat and guides made by us from special beryllium bronze;

    Connecting rods – Carillo steel;

    Pistons - Pistal HC 104mm;

    Crankshaft – polished and balanced by Ducati Kaemna (thanks to our friends and partners – Rudiger and Hauke)));

    Generator assembly – from MV Agusta F3 675… lighter (set weight is about 2kg), smaller… and more powerful))));

    Full head porting and special squish gap made by us:


    D959 Throttle body with 2 injectors per cylinder and manual operation;

    Air box - oversized from DM Meccanica;

    SBK racing wiring harness (thanks to Gian Piero Tamburini)));

    ECU - EVR (based on Microtech);

    Exhaust – full Remus;



    The first result on Dyno (DynoJet 200) – 148 HPRW.


    With engine map for D999r (as it’s nearer to our parameters) without correction. We think, after some work with the map on Dino, we can reach more than 151-153 HPRW.

    As you can see, after 10000RPM power is going down, although we planned that it is to be increasing up to 11-11500 RPM. We think that the problem is the exhaust system, which cannot provide the necessary gas dynamics??? May be some else? Ideas?!?))

    SHOW MUST GO ON!))))))
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  2. very nice project. Have you got pictures of the MV generator assembly?
    What cam timing are you running? What is the diameter of your exhaust? it looks very very large...
  3. I’ve seen 848 evo with rwhp dyno numbers of 135 plus. Sounds a lot for very little return.
    But love the ‘coz I can’ attitude :upyeah:
  4. Hi! Thanks!))
    Cam timing is standard for 1198 - 18/58
    Exhaust diameters: from cylinder - 58,5mm, middle - 69.5, tail - 60

    Unfortunatly no one photo of generator...
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  5. ))
    Sound is not too bad too)))
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  6. Приятно познакомиться Anton, I’m resident Russian speaker on here as my girlfriend is from Звёздная. Hopefully we will get back soon, there is a Ducati dealer right across from the metro so each time we’ve gone into the city I’ve dragged her in. I’d be interested to see your project, as you know the city seems always to be full of Harleys making lots of noise on Невский.
  7. Now this is real engineering, dedication, persistence and patience. I have no doubt that you will end up with an incredible machine. Thank you for posting.
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  8. )))
    Hi! Nice to meet you too!)
    Waiting for you here!)
    Let me know about your plans and we'll "make fire")))))
    As for Ducati dealers, network was changed last year and now official dealer in Petersburg in another place (just another side of city from Zvezdnaya))))
  9. Hi!
    Thanks for good words!
    We're going on)) Next updates we will post here, as may be our experience could help to someone to build "race rocket")))
    Really, I think, that this bike is faster than Panigale 959 or V2, so if someone like 848, it's a chance to make some wonder on the race track!)))
    In the end of may here in "Igora Drive" race track will take place Russia superbike race and we take part there.... It will be the control test for the bike!
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  10. I like this. Good work. Keep going!
  11. Thanks!
    We'll do our best!)))
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