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Featured 888 Open Air Box Induction Roar

Discussion in '851 / 888' started by Bridgland, Aug 8, 2021.

  1. A wonderful ride out a couple of weeks back with @KevB on his SP4. Got the chance to open her up a bit and she goes over 7k rpm.

    Loving the world of the 851s and 888s.
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  2. Listening to that engine grunt it's sounds very much like 900ss or all carb models from that period, but mine with less ponies under the tank, i'm still looking for 888 but no joy at the moment.
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  3. You just have to get one.......you know it makes sense........
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  4. I'm just waiting for a very rich client to ripoff.;)
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  5. I start grinning on mine when I leave the houseAlso open air box
  6. :scream::worried::thinkingface:
  7. Hooligan. Speeding like that on a noisy motorbike. Shocked, Shocked I tell you. Never done anything like it! In my day……
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  8. I wish, it's just a tongue in cheek comment.
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  9. I'd love an 851/888. To compliment and keep my 916 company. Theyre uber sexy.
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  10. No Longer Available for sale

    1993 888 Strada.
    20210825_125058.jpg 20210825_134912.jpg 20210827_112408.jpg
    888 2.png 20210825_125035.jpg
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  11. See post #10, XH is after an 851/888 also I believe.:)
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  12. Stop it! Fuck, thats nice too. No. I'm saving up for another bike once I sell my 1299. I must not be tempted. :)
  13. OoOoOoooh that's lovely..


    and I think you get the sound track for free?
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  14. I'd buy everything if it wasnt for the fact that I cant.
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  15. You’ll miss an opportunity there, how often do you see these beauties come up sale especially in this condition. There’s still some good weather to be had before the weather turns for the worst too. :upyeah:
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  16. That is truly lush GLWS
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  17. I agree Scuddy, but my garage is a 1960's size fit for a ford anglia. I have a 1299S and a 916 in there, plus tools and 916 oem bits. Ive no room. Besides I am saving currently for 1299S's replacement. Which alas will not be a Ducati. Shock horror. (unless a 1098R tempts me at just the right moment) I want to do track days and a lot of them. Im aiming for an R1M probably, maybe. I'll always have my 916. Shes forever.
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  18. This is why storage units are available. :)

  19. Lol, you obviously have more spare money than me. Plus I have a couple of scroungers. Daughter and Granddaughter. Freeloading bastards. :)
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  20. Put it in my garage. I am old and trustworthy. I would never take it for a little run. Honest Guv!
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