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Featured 899 899 Trackbike

Discussion in 'Panigale' started by carson, Apr 30, 2024.

  1. The wife has decided to have a go at trackdays and I’ve managed to pick up this ex Trioptions 899 off a mate.

    I had one of these a few years ago and it was amazing so hoping this feels the same. Pretty much the same spec as the bike I had.

    The bike was professionally built from new as a race bike with a blueprinted engine using Carrillo rods.
    Ohlins fork cartridge kit
    Ohlins TTX36 shock
    Ohlins steering damper
    Termignoni exhausts
    Lightech levers
    Lightech rearsets
    BSD blipper
    BSD switchgear
    Diamond brake lever guard
    Sigma slipper clutch
    HEL brake line
    Shido lithium battery
    MWR oversized air intake and clock bracket
    MWR air filter
    Samco hoses
    1199 magnesium 2 piece clutch cover
    CRC fairings
    Carbon mudguard
    Carbon swingarm covers
    Carbon reservoir brackets



    On the look out for some spare wheels if the price is right.
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  2. Banging bike mate, but wouldn't the r6 be a better beginner bike???
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  3. I thought the same mate, but it’s heavy and it’s cumbersome compared to the 899.
    She struggles with the clutch on the R6 as well.
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  4. That's fair enough matey
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  5. Very nice! I had a lot of fun on my 899...:D
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  6. very very nice... ill get one once ive outgrown my 749 (likely never im shite)
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  7. get that 999r on track matey
  8. What a little thing of beauty, enjoy!
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  9. 899 was my first track bike bought from P&H Carl Cox race team in 2017.
    I took it everywhere round Europe and even to Philip Island.
    It performed faultlessly and taught me a lot.
    Then amazingly, Leon Morris, the original Trioptions rider, who I think won the championship on it, turned up on here and bought it.
    Great memories and a happy ending.
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