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Discussion in 'Supersport (1974-2007)' started by david mckendry, Jun 11, 2019.

  1. Hi folks looking for info on buying a Ducati 900ss carb version, or 750ss, how good or bad are they. What faults to look out for etc, what sort of price to pay for one. I did own a 749s which I regret selling, never had much bother with the 749. Quite like the look of those 90s Ducati's. Is it worth buying say a 900/750ss or go for the 999/749 version.
    Those 900/750ss seem to be at fairly good money compared to 999/749.

    Thanks David
  2. Hi Dave.
    The SS is a good handling solid bike, though down on power on the 999.
    Engines (And lots of other bits) were the same as used in the Monsters of the same age, so mechanical parts are plentiful.
    Things to check, apart from the usuals like fork seals, pitting and bent bits are:

    Cracking of frame behind headstock - can be strengthened with a bolt on brace.
    Failure of Reg/Rec leading to battery meltdown. Often caused by corrosion of cables and connectors from alternator.
    Poor starting due to undersized cable to starter motor. Upgrades are readily available if not fitted.

    As these are now twenty plus years old, condition is very much down to previous owners and recent servicing. You’ve had Ducatis, so you know about belts.

    Edit: a few more comments here. https://www.ducatiforum.co.uk/threads/what’s-the-worst-failure-with-your-900ss.56607/#post-1033115
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  3. Make sure you open up the petrol cap and look inside as these metal tanks are starting to have major rust issues,and will be expensive to repair/paint:upyeah:
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  4. Hi Darkness,

    yes I know about belts ive no problem in fitting them, im really just looking for info on these older bikes, thanks for coming back to me.

    It should be a good enough engine then with it being used in the monsters.

    Im not looking for out and out power just really want another ducati at the right money.

    Nothing really to fret about buying one then.
  5. will do XH558, petrol mixed with the dreaded ethenol eating everything in sight. Abything ive seen on ebay etc seems to be in good order, that said difficult just looking at photos.
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  6. as #2 plus check to see if cylinder studs replaced as stud fracture a persistent problem on early 900 in particular, often only comes to light if engine work/head removal carried out. Studs fitted around 1995 on and black in colour virtually cured the problem.
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  7. Cheers Chris thanks for the info much appreciated.
  8. But if they haven’t been changed, and they haven’t snapped, Leave them alone as it’s engine out to change them!
  9. Will do Darkness
  10. if you are "lucky" enough to have horizontal studs fail then you can do them in situ on an SS (both cylinders possible on Monster) and horizontal cylinder is more likely to suffer than vertical :upyeah:
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  11. Get a 750ss, revvier and a lovely little unit. My old yellow one is for sale (low mileage, excellent condition) at Italia Moto in Lincoln. 900ss is also awesome but the 750ss is a sweetheart and just hums on the road. Such a tidy handling thing, sounds nicer than a 900 to my ears too with the wet clutch.
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  12. agree, 750 often overlooked and arguably just as enjoyable.
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  13. I’d recommend a ride on one before purchase, they are a little agricultural by modern standards, to me that’s all part of the charm, and they definitely have “soul” which later Ducati’s have lost a little of, my 900ss carby is my favourite bike,1996 M900 second and 2016 Scrambler third, the Scrambler is probably the better bike on paper but I’d rather ride the other two, very rewarding machines once you’re used to them.
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  14. Agree with whats been said before.

    Great bikes, my favourite being a 1993 900SS I have modified and keep modifying. Love them so much I have a 2002 Senna and building another carb model from spares.

    Nothing like the 749S you had. More comfortable, more character, cheaper and of course slower. However always enjoy a ride on my Supersports, and you can make them pretty quick, certainly fast enough for the road. An addictive bike and lovely engine. I cant comment on the 750, Ive never ridden one. But its very similar in spec to the 900..
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  15. Great info thanks
  16. Umm I’d been thinking on the 750 as well speed not that important just after the whole character of DUCATI again I missed the one I had as soon as I sold it, bought a Millie but just not the same.
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  17. Yip I’d love I test ride on one but haven’t come across any here in n.lreland as yet.
  18. Great info guys very much appreciated, love the character of the older DUCATI bikes from the 999/749 backwards, I find not so much character in the modern ones with all the fancy electronics, not that that’s a bad thing, but takes away from the bike.
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  19. Umm I’ve been looking t that particular bike , as yellow really appeals to me.
  20. She's a beaut. I can vouch for it and she rides wonderfully.
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