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916 916/848/1098 Slave Cylinder

Discussion in '748 / 916 / 996 / 998' started by Cotters, Feb 23, 2020.

  1. Hi All,
    I have a question about clutch slave cylinders , I’ve been told the later star cylinders from 848/1098 will fit a 916 and give improved performance as in lighter pull ect ? Is this true ? Thanks in advance.
  2. Not too sure about the lighter pull bit but it’ll last longer.
    A common choice is to upgrade to an Oberon or STM...
  3. As above, pull on the lever is no lighter. I fitted an old style slave to my 916 10/11 years ago and before fitting I removed the piston and polished the cylinder bore with worn 1200 wet and dry and soapy water then fitted the later type seal. Still works perfectly and never leaked which was on of the issues with the older type slaves.
  4. My original one is seized I won’t budge even with compressed air ,I’ve looked at stm & Oberon but prefer the standard look
  5. @Cotters, this any good? Just dug it out. Came off my 998S.

    566F2AD6-69CD-4566-B15F-86885B876C4A.jpeg 140F657D-3B87-4776-B4CE-C56F8BA82563.jpeg F389ADFC-76AE-49B2-992D-1157E4EA7B18.jpeg
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  6. Just unbolt it from the engine and pump the lever, it'll come out and then just clean up, fit new seal, job done and good to go.
  7. The later cylinders will fit just fine. Again, not sure it’ll make the pull any lighter. Only thing you need to watch is that the pushrod length changed on the later bikes, so you’ll either need the longer push rod or fit a 10mm spacer into the cylinder piston before bolting it up.
  8. I have read the whole thread - if you still have an O.E.M. slave cylinder, and it's the early bore size, then you are right but it is at the expense of changing the travel of the lever which some owners might not prefer.

    The chart below gives you a good idea but doesn't help you physically identify the difference between them from the outside. There must be some markings or dates/part numbers but the only way to do it properly apart from this is to dismantle and measure the bore size. I've fitted several s/hand later "star" type slaves to both 2 valve Monster and SS over the years and was happy with the improvement.

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