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Featured For Sale 916 Biposto,reduced

Discussion in 'Ducati Bikes For Sale' started by Mattt, Jul 26, 2020.

  1. It's a 1996 biposto with termis and ultimap eeprom.
    25k 3 owners,last owner had it for 15 years,ive owned it 5.
    Had £850 bottom end engine refurb at Ducati Coventry in 2007,big long list of parts , before being laid up inside my friends spare room ,due to a house move i bought it
    I took the bottom end, and the other original engine parts to Louigi moto and had them build the rest the engine with new belts and a few new parts £550 spent as he kindly bought a few spares I didn't need to offset the rebuild cost
    I have both receipts for the engine work
    V5 in my name
    Starts and runs perfectly

    Nos genuine screen
    New clutch slave
    New tyres
    New chain
    New air filter and fuel filter
    New Cps sensor
    New battery
    Belts new approx 2 yrs ago ,engine turned every few months as it's not been used until 2 months ago
    The panels are oem tank,front mudguard and seat repainted
    I have the standard pipes with it,and the rear footrest don't have the biposto seat or stuck eeprom

    Looking for £5995
    OR PX for a 1200 Monster ,1100 S or hyperstrada or possibly a Touno V twin Factory ,with cash either way
    Although due to lockdown and work I've had no chance to sit let alone test ride any of the above !
    Based in Surrey


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  2. Well 150 views in 1 day is good but no good if no one has shown any interest
    Maybe it's the black wheels or the price ,can't paint the wheels at the moment so I've dropped the price !
  3. Looks nice to me mate
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  4. It's 'cos we all want one and like to look, but most haven't got the ready cash. Me included...
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  5. To me, as somebody who has been investigating (see my other post) the price looks a bit rich. Not saying it's wrong but I wouldn't pay it. Don't think it's anything to do with the wheel colour.
  6. Keith's comment sounds right.
  7. I guess a lot of people on here have bikes already plus job uncertainties at the moment don’t help too
    It was hard to price looking at other bikes in comparison as prices are all over the place
    I will add a few more photos as well
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  8. Wrong time to sell in my opinion. I bought myself a new to me bike a couple of months back but I got a real bargain. Presumably the dealer needed cash. Looks nice but I have of those already. Good luck!
  9. image5.jpeg
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  10. I just committed to buying a bike but thinking I should have waited but I’m impatient and spontaneous which is shit for me but life is short and I get what I want when I want it ...but do question my sensibilities sometimes
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  11. It’s a bashed Rvf by the way...dodgy cracked panels etc etc mixed colour panels another diamond ha


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  12. but its an rvf mate... nuff said
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  13. Cheers hopefully @evoboy can do a wrap if I can ever locate him:joy:
  14. GLWS- bike sales way up in this part of the world, including modern classics. The confinement of covid has people grasping for a feel of freedom.

    Speaking of modern classics, I prefer the older NC30. Particularly in this livery:

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  15. Price seems ok but it’s the biggest recession since WW2, however we have recovered 50% already so a complete V shape recovery.....
  16. Liking that mate
  17. Well I guess only good thing is when it does sell I will be able to haggle on the replacement
    Price drop ,I will leave it at this price now I think

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  18. Nice looking bike, good nic and clean...I bought another Bike this week so I'm kinda biked out..if you can I'd hang on to it, ...values are only going one way...North...

    All the best

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  19. Thanks
    Yes a few people have mentioned they are going up in price,I do have several other bikes though ,I’ve already sold 2 as I want to buy one of the bikes mentioned in the original ad and have decided to thin the collection a little
    Mainly due to work being so busy and finding time to ride and maintaining them
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