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916 916 Leaky Shock!

Discussion in '748 / 916 / 996 / 998' started by Pete433, Dec 20, 2019.

  1. hi all, newby post alert...
    i've just bought my dream bike, 916, and although heartbroken to have bought it just to pop it straight into hibernation until the spring, i still cant believe i have it in the bike nest (garage!)
    however, i noticed that there was some fluid sitting on the top of the chain guard, checked the rear brake line and all ok, looked everywhere and all was clean as a whistle, then noticed the rear shock was leaking,
    1. how long until it is unrideable?
    2. anyone know the best course of action, get it refurbed or replaced?
    any advice is greatly appreciated!
    on another note, any similar owners in the yate, chipping sodbury near bristol area be great to meet you
  2. Remove it over the christmas period with a engine hoist with the help from axle stands/bar if required and get it reserviced,but not "Brooks engineering" as they did a shocking job on mine.(marks on the surrounding metal works) inexcusable sloppy workmanship.IMO
  3. Oim in Brizzle, so shout if you need a hand getting it off. Anyway, I reckon that it's got to come straight out as you don't know how long it's been leaking prior to your ownership. You could be sitting on a pogo stick first time out:skull:, and now's the time to do it. I expect there'll be help along soon about where to get it serviced...
  4. Ring mark at mh racing in chippenham

    He's spot on.:upyeah::upyeah:
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  5. Welcome to the Forum, as said ^^^ remove it whilst it’s winter, it’s easy enough, and get it serviced.
  6. thanks for the advice everyone!
    @Keith_P that would be very much appreciated if there was help available, early in the new year if it suits?
  7. sounds like the guys in Chippenham are the ones to use too, cheers
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  8. Sure - pm me when you're thinking of doing it
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  9. Pete, for servicing Louigi Moto is 20 miles south of you, one of the best independents in the UK.
    The shock takes 10 minutes to remove/replace but you will need an abba stand or something to allow the wheel to drop. As Cookster suggested the shock can be done by Mark Hammond (MHRacing) and he is just 20 miles east of you at Lower Seagry. However the full Shock refurb, if its the Showa, is around £120 in parts and another £100 in labour.
  10. Thank Denzil, looking around the full unit is around £500 so refurb sounds fine to me!
  11. I had a leak on my multi this year. Sent it away to TW Suspension Tech . They get great reviews. The shock came back rebuilt and re-gassed . Been out on the bike and its as good as new. Total cost was £125 and that included being posted back to me. The shock was away for about 2 weeks.
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  12. @hill100, that’s sounds gooood, I’ll take a look at them, cheers
  13. Just want to say, congrats on the 916!

    The Original, best and still celebrating its 25th birthday! :party:

    Having bought one last summer, I can definitely say you'll be absolutely jonesing by spring to ride it. You do have the ability to at least do the belts, fluids & filters while winter passes.

    If you're getting the shock serviced, why not change the fork oil up front to refresh the entire suspension?
    #13 TNR, Dec 21, 2019
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  14. Thanks TNR, spring can’t come soon enough. It’s been in at Luigi moto just before I picked it up and had most of the stuff done, belts etc. I’ll ask about the forks though, seems sensible while she’s hibernating!
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  15. hello and welcome dude.. you do realise any advise given on here comes at a price dont ya?
    we want pics!!!! of the bike that is.. (or bird!) (oh and better throw in some bin shots for the freaks that like em)
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  16. Better late than never, few nice looking bins below...
    Thanks to Keith for the help, shock off and it’s going to Chippenham!
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  17. I've got a brand new, still boxed rear shock if it's any interest. £450 delivered.
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  18. Sure you’ll sell that no problem but I’m afraid it’s a wee bit too expensive for me at the moment, for the refurb I’m looking at around £250, appreciate the message tho
  19. Ohlins:thinkingface:
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  20. You wish... Showa I’m afraid.
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