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916 Line Up At Nec Show

Discussion in 'Ducati General Discussion' started by farmster, Nov 23, 2019.

  1. A 94 Strada same as my first Ducati that I bought mine was M reg too
    Broke down all the time :joy:




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  2. :confounded: Where do you want to start !!!
    3 rectifiers ........
    Sprag clutch ........
    Slave cylinder........
    Clutch basket undid it self :joy:
    Loved it tho I wish I’d kept it :(
    It was the Earl’s Court show bike
    Life & lessons Eh !
  3. They were a nice looker. Loved the Senna with carbon bits.
  4. Normal wear & tear then.LOL;)
  5. The Bayliss Imola bike is my favourite. Looks amazing in silver. Any idea who it belongs too as there was no owner mentioned on the info card? Does it belong to Ducati Italy?
  6. I took a few too. Andy








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  7. @Tim K might be able to clarify here. ;)
  8. I think they’re from a collection here in England.
  9. And after seeing these two, I now much prefer the mag wheels in the gun metal grey colour. Imo, they look better in grey then in black.

    62BBEDBF-0F07-4A62-B4B5-6278AC13AC4A.jpeg 7714692C-5602-4BC2-912D-0B462AC74FD8.jpeg
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  10. Tony O'Neil..
  11. Is the Xaus bike his too?
  12. Dunno...Tom I?
  13. No, the only bike Tom had there was Foggy’s No. 2 bike
  14. I also had the 94 strada , rectifier battery also top of tank sucked in due to vacuum! It was on the m and p stand in the NEC motorcycle show in all their carbon extras , I had a carbon exhaust ,system out of it miss it to ...
  15. Why does the TB Imola silver bike have a Yankee flag on it?
  16. Also the Xaus bike
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  17. Agree,that is not breaking down but italian caracter.

  18. Touch wood i've only had a water expansion tank split on the way home and a main fuse let go with a major meltdown which stopped the engine running when i was overtaking a truck at speed but was presented with a layby as i passed him,twisted the wires back together & back on my way.:upyeah:
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