916 Sps Foggy Replica

Discussion in 'Wanted' started by Leighton, Aug 5, 2019.

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  1. What the mileage count/owners on the other two machines:thinkingface:
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  2. Ones just over a 1000miles, one owner from new. Not got a price yet though!!
    Second unknown at the moment, waiting for the guy to send over the details. Its not been used for Four years though, just been serviced and MOT ready to sell ;)
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  3. Common as muck then :eyes:
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  4. Like the one owner bit all day long & mileage ok:upyeah:intrigued on the final one:thinkingface:
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  5. You don't like stickers on bikes,,,,,,,,,hang on a minute perhaps you do;)
  6. Mmmm :thinkingface: I have 1 or 2...………….. :eyes:
  7. Love to know what their markup is on this one :thinkingface:
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  8. I’ll pop the detail up on here once I have them.
    You guys know a lot more than I do ;)
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  9. :)
  10. Thanks XH558 and Cookster, I've sent a message.
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  11. Not gone thru this..
    Has this been mentioned?
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  12. Think they have all been mentioned separately over the last few weeks :thinkingface:
  13. Ahh, must get in here more. Or at least pay more attention.
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  14. 65k!!
  15. That's some bait there they're using but will anyone bite at that:thinkingface:
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  16. If you won £10,000,000 on the lottery would you buy it? :thinkingface:
  17. Maybe:thinkingface: but not my first choice.
  18. Then it might sell at that price to someone who has it higher on the list than you :thinkingface:
    I'm with you though on that one :)
  19. What's on your immediate short list out of interest:thinkingface: