939 Sp - Real World Feedback . . .

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  1. Okay, I'm very close to pushing the button on a new 939 SP, full termi, and some other bits and pieces (tail tidy and low seat)

    I currently have a heavily modified 1290 Superduke SE, it's utterly insane with around 175rwhp, the reason for the change is to slow it all down a little bit. I love the Superduke, it's the bets bike I've ever owned (I've had 70+) but it's just off the scale madness, 150mph+ too easy and it will get me into trouble soon.

    Does anyone have a 939SP that can give me a decent insight into the bike ? It's main use will be Sunday hoons around the Yorkshire dales, and a 500 mile round trip to Scotland in July
  2. bloody awesome bike. gave me all the back road fun i could ask for and still took me to watch the motogp in assen last year. full termi really opens it up. only selling after two years because i have a multistrada itch to scratch. i really am going to miss it though. by far the best bike i have ever owned
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  3. If it’s anything like the 899 it won’t slow you down much, it likes to be revved like a 2-stroke. I guess it could be a positive but it will feel gutless coming from the 1290.
  4. Thanks guys, the drop in power won't be an issue really, my 1290 has full Akra EVO, Motohooligan airbox, PCV and customer mapping, it's too much really. It wheelies off the throttle in 5th !

    I will probably do a test ride, but thanks for the replies
  5. They are ideal for the yorks dales, that is where i use mine . The high riding position lets you see over the dry stone walls ,the torque fires you along the short straights and the lack of wind protection stops you going to prison.They are best if you screw the tits off them, sit forward and throw it around like a bmx. I wrote off my hyperstrada but had the panniers and bracket and grab left over which i can fit to the sp within 20 minutes for longer trips . i also bolt a cheap top box directly to the hyperstrada grab rails that i bought from ducati for about £100.
  6. Welcome. Not a 939 SP but I love my 821 Hypermotard to bits!
  7. Bought my 939 SP in Jan, loving it so far.

    Not the outright fastest bike in the world but certainly quick enough to get into trouble on the road. Will wheelie through 3rd given the chance. So likely perfect for what you're looking for. It's a 100mph hooligan, rather than a 150mph hooligan.

    I hope you're tall. I'm, 6'1" and I'm on tip toes on the SP. It's noticeably taller than the standard Hyper. Nothing else I've found worth warning you about really, other than the standard seat is a bit annoying. The Ducati Race seat has been a revelation.
    Can't wait to get the suspension properly setup as I suspect this will also transform the bike. It's stiff as a post standard, which makes it a bit nervous on rough roads and the front a bit twitchy.

    Surprisingly practical. If you try to cruise for long periods at 90+ mph you're gonna get a sore neck but if you drop to 80ish, the wind really isn't too bad.
  8. Thanks Joooosh, I'm 5ft 10 and will be ordering the low seat with it. I get my suspension set-up by a guy in Preston, Teut Wiehen (TW Suspension) I just tell him how I ride and what roads and he adjust it for my weight and riding style.

    It's a 100mph hooligan I want, the 1290 Superduke is just a complete monster, and as stated it's jail inducing, so a slower big twin is what is need. I've had KTM 990 SMR's/ 950 SMR's/ 1100S Hyper / Dorsorduro 750 so I know generally what I'm getting myself into.

    I think the 939 SP will be perfect, it looks amazing too, thanks for the reply . . .
  9. How do you guys ride them on the road, leg out or knee down?

    After a bit of MX I’m always tempted to stick my leg out on the SDR but it’s too much of a fatty for that.
  10. Any pics of the Duke ? :upyeah:
  11. At the kinds of speeds the Hyper likes to be thrown around at, I'm not sure I'd fancy sticking my leg out.
    There's a reason I'm head to toe in cow hide and not in a baggy top with some body armour under it.
  12. I get your point and wouldn’t fancy this on the road or track, but you can still wear cow hide and stick your leg out...

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  13. I can't help with the sp but I run a 939 base model....

    It's a bloody hoot on the back roads

    It's built to chuck about in the twisties with an ear to ear grin on your face.

    I'm enjoying it :upyeah:
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