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939sp Vs 950sp

Discussion in 'Hypermotard' started by kirks1989, Oct 6, 2019.

  1. Evening all,

    Anyone here made the move from the 939SP to the newer 950SP?

    Is it a noticeable difference? Better bike? Or very similar?

    I’m really contemplating the upgrade but have ploughed quite a bit of cash in to my 939 and wondered if it’s a step I should take.

    Any genuine feedback from anyone that’s made the move would be appreciated.

    Cheers, Kirks
  3. In my opinion, the fueling and manners on the new 950 is worth it alone, hehe. I came from a 939 and I just couldn't get on with the fueling and it grated on me after a while. The 950 is a pleasure to ride in all respects.
  4. They’re both very good, I loved my 939sp and rode it daily for nearly three years, it was a great bike, the 950sp has many refinements and as mentioned above the engine and clutch are much improved. I had such fun riding my 939 that when the 950 launched a knew I had to buy one and plan to keep it for a long time. I don’t think I’m faster on the 950 on any given stretch of road as the handlings only improved a little but there’s more fun factor than the 939 particularly with the up/down quick shifter and wheelie control as a safety net.... You should ride one ;)
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  5. I have a 939sp with full termi fuelling is spot on. I went to ducati Leeds and had a look at the 950 although I do really like the 950 my opinion is the 939 is a nicer shape would be interesting to see what other people think!!!
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  6. I have the 950 but like the 939 except the standard exhaust. At least on the 950 the exhaust is back where it belongs. Twin tail exhaust look great on hypers I reckon
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  7. My 939 is pretty special to be fair. But, I think I’ll get the 950 as seems a better bike according to reviews etc
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  8. The 939 is a stunning bike, although the odd things I don’t like they have changed on the 950. Going to strip my 939 and put it back to standard and go for the 950.
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  9. 950 950 950 950, 950, 950!
  10. I need a steering damper though as at full chat the front is lively
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  12. You must live near Wayne brown who I bought my hypermotard from if your from ramsbottom?
  13. certainly do mate. He’s a good lad! Needs another hyper though
  14. C8785520-513F-4F2E-A983-BC59F49321CF.jpeg F44C704F-0017-463F-870B-9B7AD99B560E.jpeg
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  15. He's got a supercharged gixer now I believe
  16. yes mate, I’ve bought one. Was just going to keep the 939 but I’ve given in and bought one. Liking the hyper then?
  17. Yes love it lots of fun and love the look of them. How does the 950 compare to the 939?
  18. Honestly, I don’t know. I haven’t even ridden one.o_Oo_O

    But, after the feedback from others and the extra bits you get on the new one I’ve just gone for it. Hopefully it’s the right decision
  19. Colour screen alone would make me choose the 950, couple that with the new exhaust placement and the decisions made for you.
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