950 : Fitted Arrow Decat - But A Day Later I Get Engine Warning Light

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  1. Hi readers..

    Yesterday I fitted the arrow decat. been riding around on it fine. For £180 for the part and a bit of time I've definitely got better mid-range pull and sounds much better.

    I removed the flapper valve cables and left the actuator in situ. Because of this I didn't get any engine warning errors or so I thought.

    After doing about 50 miles this afternoon I hit a speed bump quite hard and immediately afterwards i noticed the engine light had come on.

    Now i don't know if the problem is due to what I've changed or something else. the bike actually rides perfectly ok.

    How does one find out what is the cause of an engine warning light?

    Are there any diagnostic tools/adapters etc to read from the engine management system?

    Help greatly appreciated!!
  2. Hi Petekeys, you didn't install a fake servo unit? like healtech: https://www.healtech-electronics.com/products/ese/

    If you didn't, here is the problem, the bike detect a problem with the unit of the servo (is deleted).

    For hypermotard 950 is the versión ESE-D01.

    Sorry for my english, and i hope maybe i help you. Please, answer me this post, i just bought the arrow de cat, and now, i'm worried.

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  3. Thanks @Davilongo90 . Your English is great. I left the servo unit in place and just removed the cable. When i have done this on other bikes the servo can't tell its not actually turning the valve and hasn't complained. I have only used the healtech type boxes if I remove the servo completely. Perhaps the servo here is different?
  4. I agree that if you leave the servo in place you shouldn’t need the eliminator, I can’t see that the servo would feed back any info to the ECU it just does what it’s told.

    Did you unplug the servo from the loom when you disconnected the cable? It’s unlikely but the best case scenario is the connection could have popped when you hit that bump?

    It might be worth buying a servo eliminator for the £45 that it costs to see if it sorts it before a trip to the dealer, incidentally removing it freed up enough room for me to put a small puncture repair/tool kit under the seat if needed :)
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  5. If you decide to buy one.
  6. The servo does "talk" to the ECU. If you just remove the cables it will show a fault.
    There are a lot of threads on here of ways to prevent the EML
  7. The servo measures the force of the cable and position...

    So either fit a Servo Eliminator or fit a spring at the end of the cable to replicate the spring on the valve.
  8. Hi! I didn't know the valve servo system can be leave in situ.
    Thanks! I think the servo here have a unit, and it, talks to the "UCE" for malfunction or whatever :/

    Anyway, would be awesome know if there are any system like "tune ecu" for ducati.

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  9. Leo Vince provide a heavy, metal, lobe that attaches directly to the motor output shaft (instead of the OE cable cam) with their decat system. Had mine for years, you still hear the valve motor work when you switch on but no errors. Andy
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  10. I made one from a piece of square bar that worked perfect. I have since fitted a healtech so I could remove the servo on my 1098
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  11. I learn something new every day :upyeah:
  12. Brilliant - lots of feedback thanks - so looks like the servo detects when the cables are removed so I'll get the healtech and free up some space.

    @Maplesyrup : thanks for the links/comments - healtech on order

    @higgy748 @Android853sp : thats interesting /makes sense but for £45 I'll do the healtech and free up the space as @Maplesyrup says useful for tyre repair kit as there's no other space.

    @Davilongo90 - thans for your input - I'll let you know how the healtech servo replacement goes
  13. Hi! I mounted the decat and the healtech and no problem.

    But i have a little smoke exit in the middle of the link pipe and the decat. I do anything wrong? all fitted okey :(
  14. A bit of smoke the first time you start it would be pretty normal, have you ridden it yet?