Featured 950 Sp Ordered

Discussion in 'Hypermotard' started by Alan-g, Jan 6, 2019.

  1. twin exhausts are only standard or slip ons, as soon as you put a full system on its a single can again
  2. Hoping Akrapovik bring out a full system with twin pipes
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  3. Exactly what I’m hoping for
  4. Ha nice one, order mine also, expected March I’m told, I only popped in to collect my kit bag after a euro track event (mix up) and the 950 was there deposit done waiting eagerly for its arrival. Oh and I sort of purchased a full system Termi as you do.

    Anyone want a 2016 SP
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  5. Price? Mileage? Etc etc
  6. FSH, by DUCATI, Full Termi System plus standard, R&g tail tidy not fitted brand new in box, fully serviced few 00’ miles ago, only thing will need a rear tyre soon, or I can fit one of decent price. Make me a sensible offer I already have a trade in price.
  7. The mileage?
  8. I need to test ride the SP. anyone know if snells or Moto rapidity have a demo in yet?
  9. Apparently there will not be as many demos for the 950?? But they are coming in March.

    Apparently not a big production and DUCATI don’t want too many demo bikes.
  10. Yeah but . . .

    How many miles yer bike done ?
  11. Sorry approx 7000m
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  12. I reckon trade in was £8500, I was offered £10k for a 5 month old 18’ with 1900 miles on, full Termi, carbon everything, EVOTECH everything
  13. Nope more than that
  14. If you get £9k snap their hand off
  15. Hoping the same :)
  16. The SDR1290 was how i felt about the s1000r....ive never got off a bike ever in 25 years of bikes and felt nothing....i did that day...handed the keys back and didnt give it a second look....
  17. Opinions are everything, but if you had gone on my old SDR 1290, you would think it’s the best bike you’ve ever been on. £18k build, 175rwhp, 108ft lb of torque, nothing gets near it
  18. Ive not had a go on an sdr....got no plans to buy or sell anything so it wont be any time soon!
  19. I fancied an S1000R, was it dull ? I’ve heard they are a bit bland
  20. was for me....stabby brakes, made my shoulders ache, vibey, looks ( but thats subjective ), electronics made it feel disjointed from the road, heated grips didnt get hot enough...thats all i can remember but it was 4 yeqrs ago....bought my zed the week after.....still own it.