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950sp Cutting Out

Discussion in 'Hypermotard' started by Gop, Apr 24, 2019.

  1. So up to 350 mile on the 950
    200 of that was done around kielder forest at the weekend amazing bike tried to keep below the running in guidelines but couldn't help opening it up a little bit now and again the roads were good and with the temperature up sticks to the road tires are spot on
    It cut out on me 3times
    First time thought nothing of it new bike maybe missed a gear
    Second time was on a quick 3rd gear bend
    Then filtering through newcastle on the way home
    Anybody else had any problems ??
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  2. Get it into your dealer and get it sorted
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  3. Did you have the aftermarket exhaust installed? Is your profile pic the new bike?

    I am guessing the map is not optimized.

    Agree with @El Toro , get to the dealer.
  4. Yea full system with mapping installed at the dealer
    I haven't been out on it since so was going give it another go
    Once more it,ll be back to dealer
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  5. I've got the SP with original exhaust, just had first service. Took it for a 180 round trip to Silverstone at the weekend - it cut out twice. Both times were when I was going very slowly, once pulling away from traffic lights and the other between 1st and 2nd on a roundabout. Engine just cut out, had to pull clutch in and push button in a hurry. Have reported it to my dealer they said bring it back in and they will do a 'hard' reset of the electronics?
  6. Bit worrying like
    Am taking it back to the dealer at the weekend
  7. They should see the error on diagnostics and make the next steps fairly straightforward
  8. I’m on 1900 miles now, and luckily not seen anything like it. Couldn’t be more happy about its performance.
    Best.toy.ever! :heart::motorcycleduc:
  9. Just been out again - cut out twice, on a roundabout and pulling away at traffic lights, both times between 1st and 2nd gear with the clutch in.
  10. I haven't had any more issues with mine I got 500 mile on it,ll be going in for service week after next
    Can't recall now think I had the clutch in once when filtering at walking pace but the other times was definitely in gear on the throttle
  11. Well after today I'm definitely taking it in so they can run their diagnostics on it. Hopefully they'll find the problem and reset it all!
  12. I had the same issues with mine. it’s because you haven’t had the first service yet and the rev limiter is set to where you would need to shift at 5k Rpms from the factory. So the ecu shuts the motor off because it thinks red lining. It’s part of the break in process so you don’t rev outside of the range the factory wants you to
  13. EDIT: sorry I didn’t read the whole post and hadn’t realized you had the service done and the clutch in
  14. Update : Went to the dealers and had the diagnostics done, they found no error codes. However they suspect it could be the quick shifter, so its been turned off, I now need to do a few miles to try and see if it cuts out or not. Process of elimination.
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  15. Any updates on this issue?
    Just bought the SP version - 300 miles, no problems.
    Though I do notice that when you close the throttle the revs drop very quickly, but can only compare it to a 2016 Monster 1200.

    I mention it because it feels like the engine is about to die - it drops so quickly and so low.

    But the bike is brilliant.
    - the Ohlins is worth the extra, firm, but plush (hard to explain)
    - tyres great, but won't get many miles
    - seat is a plank
    - knack to removing seat, make sure front pins that go into tank pulled out
    - vibrating front brake reservoir is slightly annoying
    - stock exhaust sounds good
    - go for SP over standard if you can
    - quickshifter very smooth
    - gearbox smooth and can find neutral, much easier than Monster
    - stock levers are poor - evotech have this covered
    - radiator, engine and oil cooler cover, again evotech
    - best handling bike I've ever ridden
    - running in period...deeply frustrating
    - attracts a lot of attention - in London that is not good
    - don't park it on the street
    - always park with a cover on it and in a secure car park
    - has a tracker fitted
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  16. My bike cut out twice today in first gear...very strange and felt like it was out of gas. Pissed me off. I think was running hot. We’ll see.
  17. Heat soak effecting the mixture perhaps? I’ve had no issues with mine so far at 800 miles but haven’t seen any high engine temperatures yet due to the cool weather.
  18. I have it 100% stock. I think it has something to do with the auto blip. When going slow in heat, it will rev the bike to about 2k on its own. It did that, then stalled. Hypermotards have had notorious mixture issues since the inception of the 821/939/ then obviously 950.
  19. Upto 700 miles on mine hasn't been serviced yet but I haven't experienced any cutting out issues since
    Took the baffle out the termi tho
    Sounds wicked
  20. Did 350km on mine now. Full termi without baffle since km 0 .. never had any issues.
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