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  1. Hi, 4 weeks into 959 ownership, first Ducati for me. Absolutely in love, best bike I’ve ever owned. Love the V twin, feel, sound and looks. £10k with 1600 miles on it and has the twin akra cans on. Kais have set up the suspension for me which has made it much more plush on the road and went straight to the edge of the tyres. Had ventureshield fitted by invisible lines in Golborne. Russ is superb and £300 well spent. Helmet done for free at same time. Thanks for the tip about turning the EB down and smoothing out the throttle response. Likewise setting the brake lever out has improved immediacy and feel from the brakes. Bought the Phillips white lights too. I’m looking to get an ohlins shock when I have the pennies. Bits of movement and little slides on the tyres so not mad on the OE corsas. Michelin power rs going on soon. First track day booked for June at Oulton.
    Just a few questions if anyone can help:
    1. Would a decat and link pipe make it louder? Considerably, a little or no difference?
    2. How does a reflash/dyno work affect the eb/tc/RM? Can you still adjust everything as default but the fuelling is improved across every choice/mode? Never done this on a bike before.
    3. Is the underbelly exhaust a lot louder than the twin akras?
    4. Brake pad recommendations.

    Many thanks and hope i haven’t replicated any old threads. I’ve searched through but couldn’t find the specific answers to the questions I had.
  2. I can’t answer many of your questions as I’m just finishing running in my 959 Corse but what I can say is that the underbelly Akras are very loud!
  3. Decat and link pipe will make it much louder.
  4. 1299 underbelly cans aren't much louder than standard but do sound better than the standard 959 exhaust. i liked the sound of the akra shotgun pipes though as well to be fair

    brake pads i use are SBS 900RS which work well

    if you are looking at a remap i would recommend a dimsport rapid bike module. they're really good and adapt to the bike and any changes you make