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996. From Ratty And Tatty To Pretty Natty

Discussion in 'Builds & Projects' started by Expat Jack, Mar 25, 2020.

  1. Well, many of you who follow the "What have you done today thread" may know that I have been working away on a little project (plus a very small number of those in the know).

    Given the limited riding opportunities, I though it might be entertaining for some to detail what I've been up to. As I type, its getting close to being finished as I was aiming to get it taxed for 01 April. I plan to update the "story" over the forthcoming days when I get a lull in between finishing the bike off, fielding phone calls from family and friends and walking the dogs (ONCE per day mind, and then on leads).

    I had been looking for a project through the winter, either a 748 or any of the 9** variants. Prices were high in the main which stopped me buying a couple of likely candidates. But, there was a 996 Biposto that seemed to be stuck at a dealers. I watched it for a couple of months.

    @West Cork Paul @cookster and I got into a bit of banter on how cheap could you pick up a 996. This was all the encouragement I needed, so, in early/mid January I called the small independent dealer with the 996 and made a frankly insulting offer. Bit of umming and ahhing and he accepted. I paid a £100 deposit, and the sale was agreed subject to my inspection and subsequent test ride.

    I picked a dry day about three days later and set off to view......
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  2. Where's the bleedin pictures??:mad::D
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  3. Patience dear boy, patience.
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  4. Right, you posted this 16 mins ago. I'm a patient man, but you are taking your pissing time with these pictures. :mad:
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  5. .....don't forget your Bins;)
  6. Good for you, mate. :upyeah:
    (Where’s the photos?) :)
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  7. Cmon already,

    Captive audience don’t you know, we’re all sitting on the edge of our seats, haven’t got a lot of choice really :eyes:
  8. Lock the thread as its been open to long with no photos.
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  9. It's probably his turn in the kitchen tonight,knocking out a delightful meal.:eyes:
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  10. Or the en-suite spray booth has been rumbled :eyes::skull:
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  11. It's a Russian Bot pinched his identity.
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  12. Don't care if he's knocking one out in the kitchen, photos now (of the bike :))
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  13. Christ you lot are impatient.

    So, I was after something cheap, higher mileage that I could tart up a bit and practice my inept mechanical skills on without worrying too much. The plan was to get it cheap, wash and brush up, do the Ducati Track Day(s) on it and then flog it. If I got it cheap enough and kept the costs down i would be in a good place.

    First thing I asked to see when i got to the dealers was the file. Original service book, UK bike, supplied via Baines in 2000. Services at Baines, Sigma performance Moto rapido and last one at BSD in 2017. Plus it had had the belts changed bu the dealer (more later).

    What caught my eye was the pedigree of the dealers. Especially when i spotted the words, "Full Monty Grunter Spec" that was written in the service book by Neil at Sigma Performance.


    Then a look over the bike. The pictures make it look OK-ish, but it was pretty scruffy and unloved.

    Here's a pic (including bins) outside the dealers plus a couple of others.

    The story continues to unfold.

    IMG_2855.jpg IMG_2861.jpg IMG_2858.jpg IMG_2857.jpg
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  14. Tell me more about that green Kawasaki.;)
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  15. Stunning bins. Worth the wait. :) :upyeah:
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  16. Impossible to resist that shot. I was pissing myself when I parked it up.
  17. Nice, isn't it? TBH, Ive always been a green meanie fanboy. Maybe gen me-self one of them next time?
  18. This is taking forever, are you after my record o_O
  19. TBH I was not going to run a thread on it but everyone is so bloody bored at the mo I thought I might as well. But, tell me more, how long am I aiming at?
  20. .....W
    will there be a delay.;)
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