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Featured 996. From Ratty And Tatty To Pretty Natty

Discussion in 'Builds & Projects' started by Expat Jack, Mar 25, 2020.

  1. P.s i hope you weren't telling fibs with the above and had a Blue Peter moment at our expense.;)
  2. No, promise.
    The flatting down took a long time, all by hand obviously and when I took the shot I was fed up of it. Shortly after then I was going to cook but my good lady stepped in and that gave me the 30 minutes I needed with the polisher.
    Looking forwards to getting it all back together now.
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  3. Just the cat flickering the mouse routine only,nice job:upyeah:
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  4. I have read all the thread right now. Very interesting one! Nice job! Now I’m looking for a 916/996/998 like a crazy (once again)!
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  5. all carbon on my bikes is painted black.. only a knob shows off carbon.. but you have done good making it shiny! lol.. joking dude, *kinda*but that does look good... good effort and good to see pics.
  6. Cheers mate. I always think of myself as a cock rather than a knob. You will be a knob when the anodised bar ends and led tail light adorn your bike. And for free!!
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  7. This morning I had one or two final jobs to finish off. First was to fix the rear brake hose cover - one of the locating holes had previously broken and I had discovered that it was was held on by silicon during dismantling.

    Superglue and baking soda with a penny washer above and below to add strength.

    IMG_3117.jpg IMG_3121.jpg

    Then it was bodywork back on and a polish up.

    Wheel it out of the garage.

    Thumb the starter. Fired up first go. Pretty chuffed with that.
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  8. Some before and after shots:

    hub1.png side2.png wip3.jpg
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  9. im thinking i might build a bike out off as much anodised shit i can get my hands on... maybe the lil monster.... proper rainbow bike
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  10. And, if they are ever finished, here she is.

    If it were to be mint it would get a full respray but its very passable for 25000 miles (clocks were changed at 13000).

    I have a spare BIP seat that I may have a go at in the summer as the paint is not quite a match. Depends on how long this Corona lurks around for. I also have the "original" supposedly carbon fibre seat for the track, plus passenger footpegs and plates (standard for rider and passenger).

    All in all, I think its worth quite a lot more now than what I paid for it, which was the initial reason for buying. But......I am definitely going to keep it. These bikes are too nice to let rot and I have now invested part of me in it. So, first thing to change once we are out and about is the tyres. Going 180/55 Bridgestone s22's I think. Only other thing is a new Nitron shock is on the shopping list. A little present to myself.

    For those going to the Ducati track day at Donny, whenever it is, this bike will be with me there.

    Hope the thread broke the monotony a bit for you and there was some interest.

    A F'king GRUNTER. Who would have believed it!!

    PS - Thank you to @West Cork Paul and @cookster for the fun and games. Without this banter my 996 would not be here.



    View attachment 192871







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  11. Excellent! What did it cost in the end, just elbow grease and lacquer?

    Just realised it has a grey frame - is that original?
  12. Frame is colour is original, yes. As are the wheels.
    #113 Expat Jack, Mar 31, 2020
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  13. mate that looks a different bike well done. :upyeah::upyeah:

    oh id change the foot pegs too if your taking it on track, don't bother with rearsets just change the pegs for some knurled ones.
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  14. Well done mate. Done yourself proud there! :upyeah:
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  15. Thank you very much. It’s fun doing them if frustrating at times (as we all know). Glad you enjoyed the thread, something to do if nothing else.
  16. Excellent thread mate. Nailed it on the head by saying getting through these difficult times. I’ve just about put mine back together but can see me sen pulling it back apart soon. Just to kill time! ;)
  17. Ohh. I smell a thread mate. :upyeah:
  18. No mate, nothing that dramatic. Nowt left to do really. Chain and sprockets fo fit, a bit of a polish and job’s a good un.
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  19. I like your torque seal
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