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For Sale 998s, 17k Miles Serviced, £8k

Discussion in 'Ducati Bikes For Sale' started by georgedim, May 4, 2019.

  1. Link to the advert of my bike.


    It is an original UK import and has 27k klm/ 17k miles.
    It is in original condition, never being painted, so has some marks commensurate to use.

    Serviced last month including belts and new set of Pirelli corsas III.

    Over the past 5yr/ 3k miles had a lot of work done, incl suspension rebuild, new clutch and housing, brake pads +++. Will come with new MOT.

    So it is absolutely on the button and ready for the summer.

    20190504_110211.jpg 20190504_110509.jpg
    Will consider PX with late Multistrada (DVT onwards only)
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  2. Your ad says 998R :thinkingface:
  3. It is an S - not an R.

    998s, My02, 17k Miles - Just Serviced

  4. Is it an r
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  5. Guys, it's my bike and I tell you it's not an R. If it was an R i wouldn't be asking less than 9k anyway. Thats just the constraints from Car and classic website categorisation.
  6. Only playing - but they sell these too :)

    Ad Type For Sale
    Category Motorcycles
    Make Ducati
    Model 998S
    Year 2002
  7. You sure its not an r?
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  8. I think it an r
  9. Just a note to say the bike is still available. It had MOT passed a couple of weeks ago without any issue and reducing the price now to £8250.
  10. £6000 and a box of wotzits.... my final offer.... ok two boxes of wotzits...
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  11. Is it an R?
    Sorry - v. nice bike but lack of funds on my part doesn't help, GLWS
  12. That is a cracking bike for the money. I paid nearly that for mine 4 years ago. GLWS.
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  13. so is it an r?
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  14. it was 4 years newer then..... :rolleyes::D
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  15. The eBay ad states that the 996S had the enigine of the previous years SPS..... is that correct?
  16. I think not - there may be similarities but you aint getting a cheap SPS
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  17. Cheap r?
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