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998 998s Belt Change Tension Question

Discussion in '748 / 916 / 996 / 998' started by nickmarieke, Jan 16, 2020.

  1. Hi guys,

    Replaced my belt this morning. Forgot to picture the tension roller in front, but I know you can make a mistake in this. See pictures, i think they are good, but other pictures on the web make me worry....


  2. You can't tell by the position. There are several methods to check, twist, Allen key, frequency. I do all 3.
  3. Looks right to me, if you tightened the other way the belts can touch, they are closer than you think they should be
  4. I think he's concerned he turned the tension pulley the wrong way
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  5. yep that’s what I was concerned of.
  6. I think turning 'up' or anti-clockwise is correct and looks like what you have done, others will confirm :upyeah:
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  7. Ah!
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  8. It’s counter intuitive.
    You have to turn what feels the wrong way, ie anti clockwise
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  9. Oke makes sense. I finalized the belts change and started her up. Runs like normal. It just made me hesitate. Thx for the feedback.
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  10. It’s vital to get it right.
    If it’s wrong, it has a double whammy effect. Not only do the belt runs get really close, you also can’t tighten them to the correct tension, making them even more likely to touch and potentially shred.
    If you were able to achieve the correct tension, you almost certainly did it right.
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  11. For what its worth I use the 5mm allen key method and have not had any problems. I've tried the frequency method and never had any luck at all.
  12. I just set them by hand like in the old days. Never had any issues with the 1098 SF. I’ll check the tension after each season during “the big clean”.
  13. The frequency method with a phone or tablet with cheap external microphone and Gates CarbonDrive couldn’t be simpler. CarbonDrive is optimised to respond to the sound of a plucked rubber belt, so works much better than if you use a guitar tuning app.
  14. Whats the 5mm allen key method? ? ? ?
  15. The belt can move the width of a 5mm allen key. Usually measured up between the two pulleys. Was a method used on desmoquattros, not sure if applies to testastrettas as well.

    I use the feel by hand method/belt twist method. The more times you do it the more you realise that exact tension is not critical. A bit like tensioning the chain, how many people still tension a chain with a ruler?
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  16. For a short belt like Ducatis a 45 degree twist of the belt is a good place to start (or finish depending on your ODC) cars are longer and need a 90 degree twist (unless they have an auto tensioner)
  17. ODC :joy:
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  18. I even laughed myself at that one - surely it's CDO :D
  19. Obsessive compulsive disorder? That OCD. I just have to get that right :-D
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  20. Following a tip on here, I use a small block of wood of correct width as a gauge. It saves having to read off a measurement in a dimly lit garage and varifocals at the wrong angle to see sharply.
    Super simple :)
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