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For Sale 999 749 Exact Start - Electric Cable Kits

Discussion in 'Parts, Accessories & Clothing For Sale' started by Exige, Jun 24, 2015.

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  1. Exact Start - Starter Cable Kits now available (at last) for the Ducati 999 / 749 with more models coming soon…
    ducati hicap cables exact start uk image2.JPG

    Pricing First then the Specification:
    Main competitor from the USA – Ebay Price £76.30 + £17.80 P&P + vat @20% + import taxes / charges = circa £120.00
    My Ebay price: £89.00 free recorded delivery
    My direct payment price PayPal Friends & Family or Bank Transfer free recorded delivery = £79.00
    My Ducati Forum UK (Subscriber Price) for above payment methods @ 15% discount free recorded delivery = £67.15


    Cable Choice:
    Investigation of our main competitor’s choice of 25mm2 cable was looked into first due many
    reports of fitment difficulty: I found the following information...

    An industry standard voltage drop of 3 to 4% was generally regarded as acceptable.
    Voltage drop over an average length 25mm2 cable in our application is 0.02V or 0.17%
    Voltage drop over an average length 16mm2 cable in our application is 0.03V or 0.25%
    Therefore both cables far exceed this requirement meaning 16mm2 cables are more than fit for purpose and indeed over engineered for our application; as long as the life time quality with no deterioration could be achieved.

    Cable life: to ensure a lifetime of service with no deterioration I approached a specialist rail industry cable/crimp manufacturer and specified what I believe to be the best anti vibration / anti fatigue cable system available. Not being satisfied stopping there I commissioned a double sealed system where the cable not only seals against the crimps, but is double sealed with a special bonded heavy duty heat shrink on each join. Further to this I had them remove the inspection hole in their high quality copper terminals to give a system that would remain fully sealed for life in the hardiest of conditions – so no deterioration in current flow.

    Cable design: they already had a specialist cable developed for the rail industry which employed a special rope weave within its construction for extreme anti vibration qualities. Straight cable when bent can fatigue the copper, hence reducing the current flow. The rope system made up of hundreds of micro 0.2mm2 high quality pure copper strands does not suffer this. So, we had our perfect cable. One minor problem, it was only available in black. Why not make the +’ve cables the correct colour, so we did!

    Terminals: rail industry leading heavy duty ‘seamless’ copper terminals were chosen for maximum electrical conductivity. These undergo a 35 tonne specialist crimp process which gives excellent conductivity and an industry leading strength – they will not fail: my supplier’s crimps have proven to be stronger than the cable itself during testing!
    Each terminal is designed for optimum performance requirements and bespoke designed specifically for fitment to individual models; they are then annealed and tin plated to protect the longevity of the terminals performance.

    ducati hicap cables exact start uk image1.JPG

    What you get in the 999 / 749 kit.

    1 x Exact Start Black Earth -'ve Cable
    1 x Battery to Solenoid +’ve Red Cable
    1 x Solenoid to Starter +’ve Red Cable

    And to make fitment easier with robust connections:

    Clear photographic instructions included: will be on-line once the web site is constructed.
    2 x pieces of tube to hold the battery nuts in position – a simple but very effective idea, no more dropped / lost terminal nuts.
    4 x tie wraps (existing rubber cable ties can be used on the longest wire).
    1200 Wet and Dry: for cleaning new and existing connections.
    4 x Alcohol wipes: for thoroughly cleaning connector surfaces.
    Dielectric compound: to give a better water tight seal of the connections surfaces and prevent corrotion.
    3 off flat Stainless 15mm washers & 1 shaped washer: to improve the battery box heat shield fixing.

    ducati hicap cables exact start uk image3.JPG
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  2. Best of luck with them. I have a feeling I may be in touch ;)
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  3. This is a must do mod for any 749/999 owner. Exige has obviously put a lot of time and effort into developing the kit. Well done :upyeah:

    Fit the leads and say goodbye to slow laboured starter turn over, poor starting, dash resetting
    #3 chrisw, Jun 24, 2015
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  4. Ooh, praise indeed... :)
  5. Ye
    Yet another great endorsement.
    You must be a proud man, Stu.
    Well done :)
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  6. Yeh, it's taken a while but really happy with the product, turned out much better than I thought - lucky to get the company to work with such small orders for bespoke terminals :)
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  7. The secondary earth lead I received from Exige is a great piece of kit and showed an improvement in starting even over the existing secondary lead I had in place prior to that.

    I can only assume that the additional live leads will be similarly excellent - they may even get you dates with supermodels, just like Stu does :upyeah:
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  8. They look very professional
    Well impressed :)
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  9. I'd be all over a set for the 899 at these prices and with the amount of work you've obviously put in choosing the cables and processes that you're happy with. :)
  10. Yup I have an additional leads on the 1098 which I got from flea bay they do the job but the fitment and install is awful.

    If/When you get to it Exige I'd be up for a set for the 1098, these look the biz
  11. I'm working with a Forum member on an 848 system now - I presume they are the same as the 1098 & 1198, anyone confirm?

    899 / 1199 Pani's will be looked at as soon as I find someone to work with for fitments / sizes ;) (proto set will be free to whoever helps :smile:)
  12. Well if you can let me know what you need I'd be happy to help out so others can benefit. I use the bike a lot and don't have heaps of time but would happily help out where I can. :) If that sounds good just PM me and I can try to help where possible.
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  13. I'll take a look at the parts book, to see if the existing cables on 848/10/1198 have the same part numbers if they do that should settle it.

    I'll post back up later

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  14. I'll have a Set please ... .....don't have PayPal but happy to do a bank transfer ..
  15. I'll PM you, fitting instructions will be finished tomorrow so can post out Saturday :upyeah:
  16. I've got a set ordered ....will do an Independant fitting report soon ... Lol ...thanks Stu ..
  17. Great - I started with the worst bike for cable fitting certainly ;) hopefully the instructions will help, are you a heart surgeon :D
  18. Cannot find the cables for the pos to solenoid and neg to engine as they are included as part of the loom, which is just ridiculous. From looking at the parts book they are the same.

    The solenoid to starter motor is the same part number for all the bikes, so I'd say yes they are all the same

    Just disappointed that I couldn't get part numbers for what are obviously separate parts, I mean nobody in teir right mind is going to buy a complete loom to replace a battery cable FFS
  19. Worst bike ... and worst bike owner :D
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  20. If they are like the 749/999 there are a number of other wires crimped into the battery connectors to supply the various circuits of the loom. The HT wires are therefore part of the main wiring loom and not separate parts.
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