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For Sale 999 749 Exact Start - Electric Cable Kits

Discussion in 'Parts, Accessories & Clothing For Sale' started by Exige, Jun 24, 2015.

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  1. This happens on all of them I think - which is why the USA competitor piggy backs as I do too. The solenoid to starter is the only cable worth swapping anyway - as it's usually more open to the elements so just using the new cable allows the rubber protective boot to fit.
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  2. My Mrs says I'm good with my hands ..does that count ? ...:)
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  3. No that's fine Exige, my existing setup Piggybacks the OEM cables and that's what I'd do with yours for the battery to solenoid. The earth can either be doubled up or replaced I guess and the solenoid to starter replaced. Its been a while since I did it but the difference was enormous in the way the bike turned over and started.

    Its a great mod, well worth doing and not that costly either, IMHO. Be nice to replace the skanky cheap ones I have now with something that looks a lot more professional.
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  4. I've ordered a set - looking forward to seeing how the bike cranks over with it's recent Lithium battery... :D
  5. Which is why they need to be piggyback, rather than replacement cables of course.
  6. Should crank over beautifully.
    Not only that but because so much less power is being lost in resistance, a lot more power will be available for the ignition circuit, so it's win/win and the bike should start really easily. Mine does :)
  7. Just finished my detailed instructions :) first deliveries going out tomorrow as promised - let me know if the instructions made sense guys :Wideyed:
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  8. Why am I not getting a set to comment on?
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  9. You don't have a 999 :) and have loads of money to spend to reduce your tax bill :Bag: but, on the other hand, if you had a bike I haven't been working on yet with another Forum Member and can provide sizes and fitment details that would be another matter :Finger:
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  10. Think I best have a set of these. How do I pay/send details etc?
  11. I'll PM you in a minute Daz...
  12. Put me down for a set too please, send me over your details and I'll sort the payment out
  13. Just to let you know mine arrived this morning ... And after coffee ..I'm on it ..will let you know how I get on ... :upyeah::)
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  14. image.jpg
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  15. The instructions are upside down - I'm sure I put them in the package the right way up? :Wideyed:
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  16. You did ...I thought I'd show NZDave what they looked like :Angelic:
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  17. evening ....just wanted to let you know that I've fitted these cables today , and although I'm not inept with engines ,I'm by no means a bike mechanic .
    The instructions sent with the cables are self explanatory , and require the minimum of tools to fit , it probably took me and hour and a Half to do , though I did clean all the terminals and existing cables rather analy ! ... Lol ....in short simple fit ....superb out come ....any question please ask ..
  18. @Mikey G Was it precautionary or did you have issues with your bike starting?
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  19. My bike was v slow to turn over .... I've tried most things , new battery , replaced solenoid and cleaned and checked starter , now with this mod I hope not to press the starter button with my fingers crossed ... So far it's a vast improvement ...
  20. Yup, that's the really big thing about these kits, no longer needing to cross your fingers and hope.
    It's such a great feeling to have absolute confidence that the blooming thing is going to start and start beautifully
    Really pleased that the Exact kit is so easy to fit.
    I have the expensive American kit, it works perfectly but it was a right fiddly bastard to fit and the instructions left a fair bit to be desired too.
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