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For Sale 999 749 Exact Start - Electric Cable Kits

Discussion in 'Parts, Accessories & Clothing For Sale' started by Exige, Jun 24, 2015.

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  1. Let us all know when a 996 version is available
  2. Will do Mark - working on one now so shouldn't be too long.
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  3. Have you sold them all yet so I can close this thread? :p
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  4. The problem is having to replace these damned leads every two years or 12000 miles, whichever comes first.

    Can't you make leads that last longer?
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  5. If you want to risk your engine snapping you can, and it's 6000 miles isn't it :p anyone else's will be fine for life, that applied to yours only :Mooning:
  6. You spoil me.

    Does anyone else look at these leads and get an overpowering urge to chew on them?

    Oh. Just me then :Cigar: :Headphone:
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  7. upload_2015-7-2_11-1-41.jpeg
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  8. I've just fitted cables and the results are superb: the bike starts with barely a hesitation, certainly no turning over waiting for it to fire.

    Fitting is not trivial, but that's more down to the crazily cramped and congested battery box design (Ducati should be ashamed of themselves!). It took me a couple of hours of fiddling and I've had the battery box off before to replace the fuel pump / ignition relay so I was expecting this, but the cables themselves were a great fit and feel very solid and secure. Initially I didn't give myself enough length on the Solenoid to Starter Motor run (I needed to route it above the nearer of the two lower heat-shield mounting points), but once that was sorted the length was perfect.

    Interestingly I've had the Magneti Marelli Lithium battery fitted for a couple of months and whilst it's always started first time, it would still turn over a couple of times before rumbling into life. Now it is pretty much instantaneous, which does suggest that the original starter circuit cables really are the limiting factor. It's almost not worth buying the Lithium battery unless you have these better cables fitted (apart from the 3kg weight saving of course!).

    Brilliant job @Exige. Many thanks - instructions were excellent, and the little extras like the wipes, washers for the heat-shield mounts and the little bits of cut pvc tubing to hold the battery nuts in the right place were really handy. :upyeah:

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  9. Thanks for the feedback Dom, great news! The 999/749 version is undoubtedly a bit of a job to fit, certainly started with the hardest as the other 6 kits I'm currently looking at look like an easy install. Good to hear the instructions were understandable too :)
    I was getting my R1 MOT'd today and even my local Yamaha dealer told me has replaced 3 Sprag clutches in 1098 Ducati's!
    (that's a bit of a sales pitch I guess, but true fact) :Wideyed:
    Hopefully a few can be saved now :Angelic:
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  10. Been following this thread for a while, looks like a good kit, it's nice to see somebody being successful by making something of good quality that works, how do I go about purchasing a set?
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  11. Reminds me of a barmaid at the Lady Marget......
  12. Is this Uncle Rusty with a nephew called exige or a genuine write up?
    Only joking...nice to see a good product get a good review....air con anyone?
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  13. Too cool for air con...
    This warm weather must be good for business though...
  14. Yep...only joking about wanyone wanting air con...you'll have to wait until winter now.
  15. PayPal Friends and Family to [email protected] and your address to the same :) Or a start a conversation on here if you need to know anything:upyeah:
  16. If it's under £100 and will fit a 999s then I'm in...! ;)
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  17. Roasted nuts anyone??
  18. Exige, is there a set available for 996?
  19. Working on it now along with 848/1098/1198, 06 Era Multi / Sport Classic and another that I've forgotten for the moment :Bucktooth:
  20. The 899/1199 might be the one you're missing... ;)
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