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For Sale 999 749 Exact Start - Electric Cable Kits

Discussion in 'Parts, Accessories & Clothing For Sale' started by Exige, Jun 24, 2015.

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  1. And the 899 / 1199 :D
  2. If you pay PP F&F and leave your address do leave an email too or PM me on here so I can send you the tracking number - there's one going out tomorrow which I can't contact if your reading this :upyeah: Others please remember F&F transactions don't give me your address also.
  3. Any news for the 996? Serious buyer and need more umph for a bigger engine.
  4. Waiting on the prototype now for trial fitment which should have been here by now :Shifty: - should be soon :)
  5. Oooh, that mean the 899 prototype should be coming through soon too? :)
  6. Due the same time (overdue the same time :Arghh:) - I feel a phone call coming tomorrow :mad:
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  7. Cool to hear that they should be coming through some time soon though!
  8. You think you can take my email by PM and let me know?
  9. Sure, I already have your Forum name listed to contact though :)
  10. Stop leading them on hex :Stop:
  11. Much appreciated :)
  12. Made a call today - they had miss laid the new connectors manufactured specially for the latest kits - now despatching to me Monday is the promise :)
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  13. Any word? [emoji4]
  14. Tick tock........
  15. I have the 899 and 996 1st trial cables here as well as the 848 - but they forgot to send the rubber boots so I waiting for these before I send them out for trial fitments as they need to be production quality fitments ;)
  16. Woohoo! Look forward to trying them on for size.
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  17. Hope the boots arrive tomorrow :Rage: :D
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  18. Nice too see you are not sending out sub quality components just to meet deadlines. You should get a job at Toshiba.
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