999 999r On The Way!

Discussion in '749 / 999' started by JoeC, Jul 12, 2017.

  1. I'm pleased to say that after a fairly long search I have found and placed a deposit on a suitable 999R which work permitting I will be collecting the 1st week in August, combined with a quick visit to the delights of Hamburg after dark!!!!
    I'm very much looking forward to riding it back to back with my S mono nero in order to try and justify to myself (and my gf) the 100% increase in price. Big thanks to Claus Carstens at Ducati Schleswig-Holstein for convincing its previous owner to part with it!
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  2. Congrats Joe :upyeah:
  3. Nice, hated them when they came out, but they're certainly maturing well, and looking cooler by the year. Nice!! Enjoy :cool:
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  4. Fk the bike after dark in Hamburg will do me
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  5. I still think it's one of the nicest looking bikes in track trim.
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  6. I had an 06 model. Nicest bike I've ever owned. Beautifully balanced and just the right amount of poke for the chassis (150hp I think). The one that got away.... drat!
  7. Nice... Ive always loved the 999, been looking for an S model myself for quite some time. Its easier to find mint condition vintage Honda CB750's than 999's around here.
    one day though...
  8. LHD though?
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  9. Ha ha yeah. Hopefully the bike is all I'll bring home though!
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  10. Bit like me, I tell myself every birthday!
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  11. I have an absolutely mint 'S' mono nero, the look and the ride are what convinced me to buy the 'R'
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  12. IMG_1387.JPG
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  13. Well if you bring anything else back we have a great health service
  14. 999S mono in Aylesbury Ducati at the moment
  15. Dennis is across the pond, hell of a ride home.

    The 06 999R is the best looking Ducati ever, in my opinion. Nice one Joe.
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  16. It's an 03 I think (which funnily enough is the best looking Ducati ever) :)
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  17. Just a quick update: I paid the final installment today so all being well with work and gf commitments (haven't had the guts to mention it yet) it should be sat in the barn with the others in a week/ten days time. Photos and hopefully a 1098R to follow thereafter.
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  18. Ready for the long drive north!

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