Featured 999 999r On The Way!

Discussion in '749 / 999' started by JoeC, Jul 12, 2017.

  1. I'm pleased to say that after a fairly long search I have found and placed a deposit on a suitable 999R which work permitting I will be collecting the 1st week in August, combined with a quick visit to the delights of Hamburg after dark!!!!
    I'm very much looking forward to riding it back to back with my S mono nero in order to try and justify to myself (and my gf) the 100% increase in price. Big thanks to Claus Carstens at Ducati Schleswig-Holstein for convincing its previous owner to part with it!
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  2. Congrats Joe :upyeah:
  3. Nice, hated them when they came out, but they're certainly maturing well, and looking cooler by the year. Nice!! Enjoy :cool:
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  4. Fk the bike after dark in Hamburg will do me
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  5. I still think it's one of the nicest looking bikes in track trim.
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  6. I had an 06 model. Nicest bike I've ever owned. Beautifully balanced and just the right amount of poke for the chassis (150hp I think). The one that got away.... drat!
  7. Nice... Ive always loved the 999, been looking for an S model myself for quite some time. Its easier to find mint condition vintage Honda CB750's than 999's around here.
    one day though...
  8. LHD though?
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  9. Ha ha yeah. Hopefully the bike is all I'll bring home though!
  10. Bit like me, I tell myself every birthday!
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  11. I have an absolutely mint 'S' mono nero, the look and the ride are what convinced me to buy the 'R'
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  12. IMG_1387.JPG
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  13. Well if you bring anything else back we have a great health service
  14. 999S mono in Aylesbury Ducati at the moment
  15. Dennis is across the pond, hell of a ride home.

    The 06 999R is the best looking Ducati ever, in my opinion. Nice one Joe.
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  16. It's an 03 I think (which funnily enough is the best looking Ducati ever) :)