Featured 999 999s Arrived - Well Chuffed

Discussion in '749 / 999' started by Spikelikemike, Mar 1, 2019.

  1. what to say .... over the moon and rides so smooth I was really surprised.
    Roll on summer as its good to have a choice and I think the 999s may get aired more than I initially thought.
    Plus I have a new seat in the lounge







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  2. Looks like a nice bike that, congrats.
  3. Are you related to that Mr Exige;).................very nice:upyeah:
  4. Nice. And thread moved.
  5. No!

    Thanks all. Just been going through the SH. 3 miles in the 1st 3 years! And only 2k odd in fist 9 years!

    For those in the know belts been done twice and latest for my delivery.

    What about major service clearances valves etc?

    Mileage or age? Bearing in mind its only on 6k.
  6. I'll be very interested in your impressions of the 999 vs the 959. I've had a 999 for 13 years but thinking of perhaps getting a 959 (Corse).
    I have my suspicions about how much better a 959 might be. I suspect a revvier motor with less bottom end, slightly quicker handling and perhaps better brakes. But is is really much more fun? When you've been able to have a good scoot on warm, dry roads, let us know.
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  7. Valves are 6K mls but most respected mechanics say don't bother till 8 or 9k mls.

    Enjoy the T9, they make great roads bikes.
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  8. I’ve done 848 to 899 and back to 848, so sort f similar, the panigale is a different concept for sure. More top end delivery, much more normal in terms of handling turning speed etc but the also don’t give quite the same feel as the older framed bikes imho. They are still good but they are a little less soulful. For me it as little things like the rbw throttle not having quite the same feeling and the torque not being quite as instant in the hand despite the engine probably producing more. I think having both is a superb idea if you can, they are both great but different
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  9. Looks mint! Congrats
  10. Thanks All as always.

    As for comparison - I am by no means an accomplished rider and unlikley that I could even begin to compare at my sub 70mph speeds, for me its all anout how they look.

    Cheers all
  11. ... which is fair enough. But the 999 only really starts to begin to work at 70 mph. That's about 5000 rpm. in 6th. With its redline at 11'000, there is rather a lot to come...
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  12. No wonder you broke your 999, the S red-lines at 10k! : o D

    You're basically correct though ... apart from breaking your engine.
  13. Actually, it doesn’t have a redline. It has a limiter. I thought that was at 11k but it’s been so long since I saw my 999...
  14. So we are both wrong and it's a trip to the wood shed for both of us.

    I don't like limiters, btw. I prefer red-lines.
  15. Really nice pair, congrats!!! The Panigale could be the only bike to substitute my 749. Problem is I don’t want to sell that little redhair.

    Enjoy them!
  16. My 999 handbook says maximum rotation speed 11,500 rpm
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  17. Limiter at 11'500? I'm not surprised. I've got to admit, I tend to be looking at the road when it bounces off the limiter. I thought it was more than 10'000 rpm. Thanks.
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  18. It also says lower half of gearchange warning light comes on 200 rpm before and other half 100 rpm before. Who’s looking down there at those revs???
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  19. If you are in full tuck or have the front wheel pointing skywards it's actually in your eye line :innocent::eyes:
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  20. Limiter cuts in at 10K revs on the basic and S-models. I've seen it happen on mine. The Owner's Manual does indeed say max rotation 11.5K. Perhaps it is possible to disable the limiter? That would be scary!

    From memory, the limiter for the R comes in at 10.5K or 11K.