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Featured For Sale 999s Mono Nero 2006

Discussion in 'Ducati Bikes For Sale' started by JoeC, Nov 19, 2020.

  1. I’m preparing to part with my 999s before I head back east so a heads up on here for anyone who may be looking for a perfect example. Usual complete Ducati dealer history, totally unmarked example which I bought in 2016 and have ridden maybe 2/3 times at most. Please pm for further details and I will reply with my number. Serious enquiries only. Price to include f/r paddock stands, DP cover, all books and keys, new belts and service at Louigi Moto. (The mirrors and lights that have been removed in the photos have been to enable it to fit in my van.) There are various DP c/f bits and bobs and Rizoma grips, bar ends and levers otherwise the bike is totally stock. In addition to the exhaust fitted there is a Termignoni de-cat race exhaust complete with the correct ecu. The bike is currently in storage in southern England. I am happy to arrange delivery within a reasonable distance. I will confirm the mileage once I am with the bike.
    71AA4CD4-E94D-46FF-BC45-7C789E338724.jpeg A03A0AE0-F95B-4CEC-9EC1-5D618643131A.jpeg F5F2A61E-B7D3-4621-A794-45B32287DF34.jpeg CA07CD2F-9C1C-49AD-8577-D259FAB8F4B9.jpeg 8E3F7953-10BE-4746-9183-E0119938AE35.jpeg 8A6E1B00-75A8-4A3C-B57C-38A8EC6D91CA.jpeg FCC5549E-71B7-421A-9346-7F80D2F3D0F2.jpeg C2356364-6484-43CC-80F5-50379DCB6024.jpeg 92E4227A-1250-4841-9A20-5843C7B41034.jpeg 78A1DFD5-F7EF-4B9B-A085-45CC91CFDDB9.jpeg
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  2. Nice that:upyeah: glws..... how about the others??
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  3. I have half a dozen others which be listed over the next few months. :upyeah:
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  4. did you say its now got a full system?
  5. now that would be a perfect bed fellow for my new to me 749s mono in glossy black..
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  6. Good price.
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  7. And the 999 looks best in black.

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  8. A beauty!
    Good luck with your sale.
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  9. Yes please, could you delete those above? I was hoping to appeal to genuine interest. I know that’s a big ask?
    Is mileage really the first consideration? For me when buying it’s condition and service history and there seems to be an unhealthy obsession with the lowest possible mileage above all else which sparked my tounge-in-cheek remark, now amended!
  10. Done :)
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  11. hope you dont mind me putting in a good word

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