A Bookcase

Discussion in 'Lounge' started by Pete1950, Mar 9, 2018.

  1. 20180309_150614.jpg
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  2. All going so well Pete as I scrolled from left to right admiring the worthy tomes
    Then I got to the sneaky copy of the fiesta on the far right

    You filthy, lecherous beast:blush:
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  3. :innocent:

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  4. upload_2018-3-9_22-5-51.png

    Other shelves are available, but none that I am more fond of.
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  5. I nearly but a picture of my sister up but that wouldn't be nice :innocent:
  6. a book case surcease of sorrow? Vainly had you sought to borrow?...
  7. is bookcase one word?
  8. Check Pete's heading, that will likely be right (55% chance anyhoo) :)
  9. The worry is if you re-arranged the books for your picture to look cool :thinkingface:
  10. Seriously? I think you'll find I'm effortlessly coil :upyeah::innocent:
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  11. Did you notice the Spike Milligan and Calvin and Hobbs. Now that's effortlessly cool!
  12. You coil :)
  13. Don't wind him up.
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  14. hmmm . Is basket case one word?
    head case? Legal case? How does it work?
    what about irestmycase?
  15. Sigh. Ok, you can have that freebie as I'm 3/4 cut onJemrson.
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  16. 06460829-0000-431D-B96C-E1864B7D7479.jpeg E73D6621-3C26-4098-8EE7-843EC87E78F5.jpeg B2D91233-A959-4BEF-A85F-3897C3BD5437.jpeg E418A596-94E1-458F-B304-9CA150FFE6AB.jpeg Only stuff on the phone right now. My fav Sci-Fi author..
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  17. Stonemouth was a shite read wasn't it, and it even went on to make a series, enjoyed his other works especially Wasp Factory
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  18. To be fair Pete I thought yours would look more like this?
    Each one purchased with pocket money from the local book emporium.
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