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A Real Looker

Discussion in 'Other Bikes' started by bradders, Aug 3, 2019.

  1. For a GS ;) best one they’ve made imho. Colours, style, loving the gold spoked rims.


    And the dash is incredible. Bright, large, clear and no need for satnav: connect phone with app and it puts the nav on the main screen!

    Think me and this bike will do some miles :upyeah:
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  2. I like the stance & areal mans bike:upyeah:just don't break it this time round;)
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  3. Nice.
    Cut yr hedge.
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  4. A chap turned up at one of our bike handling courses on a 1250 loner as his K1600 was poorly. There is a lot of bike there but the immediate stand out issue for me was the height of the pillion seat which explained why you see of lot of GS riders mounting the bike by standing on the foot peg. Given that the chap had only had the bike for 2 days, it was obvious you can get comfortable on it very quickly. Still a BIG bike to chuck around though. Hope you enjoy a long and trouble free association with yours. Andy
  5. Nice one Bradders, may you enjoy many trouble free and happy miles....

    Ya big old Traitor!
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  6. Congratulations,nice bike.
  7. I like it, handy they fitted the right side pannier already :D
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  8. I like spokes. :upyeah:
  9. Gold rims make every bike look great! Enjoy.
  10. Sorry Paul;)
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  11. You just remember the last time I had one....
  12. Wheels look the best bit on that. Could have chosen a more flattering angle for its nose @bradders :joy:

    Hope you enjoy it :upyeah:
  13. Yeah, perhaps, in terms of the colour set-up, but come on man, it's a BMW & A GS to boot......:innocent::mask:
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  14. Nice looking bike. Except for that exhaust.... but BMW are not unique in that.

    Its going to be interesting to see what Euro 5 bikes look like over the next few months.

    Is it a 19 inch front or 21?
  15. Are you a paid up tosser of the ukgser forums yet Paul?

    ...the owner has the same name, enjoy'
  16. BMW GS's have many virtues - I loved mine - but sadly beauty is not one of them. You'll enjoy riding it more than gazing at it @bradders, provided it's not too big for you ...
  17. 19. Afaik lol
  18. Factory lowered ;)
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  19. looks like streethawk
  20. No. You should know by now: I very reluctantly pay for forums ;)

    Must get out soon matey now I’m mobile again :upyeah:
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