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1200 Abs/dtc Failure

Discussion in 'Multistrada' started by Technomad, Jun 6, 2015.

  1. My ’10 Multi 1200S has a combined ABS/DTC failure. Symptoms are the ABS light staying on and then a little bit later the “DTC Off” message comes up. By way of diagnosing the problem, I’ve just replaced the sensors/cables front and rear, which hasn’t cured it. So I’m rather assuming that it’s either a BBS failure or something in the wiring loom. Is this common enough that there’s a more likely culprit?

    I confirm that it’s not just a dash issue, as the ABS and DTC ARE definitely off!

    In stripping the fairings down, I also discovered that the main dealer, when swapping a faulty instrument cluster, had failed to reinsert the four bolts that hold the headlight assembly to its support frame.

    Which is just part of a chain of failures by them - they failed to tighten up the pillion footpeg bracket at a service, so that the whole thing fell off a hundred miles later, fortunately without other half on the back at the time. They also did the Öhlins fork recall and failed to tighten the fork pinch bolts. Fortunately this one I checked as soon as I got home - they were already backed out a fair distance.

    Unfortunately, they’re the only dealer in the country :(
  2. The only dealer in what country?
  3. Scotland. Then there's a biggish geographical gap to either Carlisle or Newcastle for the next nearest.
  4. Had this exact problem not so long ago, there is a thread on this from a while ago but i cant find it so ill try my best.
    Turned out to be a break in the wire from the loom to the front abs cable, if you take the nose off, follow the abs cable up to its connector, you should see the loom side connector cable tied back on itself (this is where the break was), i cut back the black tubing and put a new lenth of wire in, making sure to leave a sutible amount of slack in the cable when reassembling. Been about 3 months since without a problem.

    Hope this helps

    P.s my local ducati dealer wanted 2 hrs labour to do this job, done this myself with pretty basic soldering skills in just over an hour just make sure youve got all the bits you need
  5. Thanks, I did see that setup with the cable folded back on itself and thought it looked a bloody stupid way to wire anything - will check it out.
  6. Yeah ive known about 5 members have the same problem.
    Hopefully this is the end of your headache :upyeah:
  7. I hope you get it sorted Richard.

    Sounds a bit of a nightmare with the dealer. Having been through similar, and no longer trusting them to do a service correctly, I now go elsewhere. Shame you can't do the same mate.
  8. Thanks John - although there is a new service centre the other side of Edinburgh - they're affiliated with the main dealer but I spoke to them last week and they did seem very helpful. I am however, alas, on the cusp of my next new bike not being a Ducati, for the first time in, ah, 32 years…
  9. What are you moving to if I may ask?
  10. If I don't got for the DVT, I'll be looking at he Super Duke GT when it's out, the R1200RS, K1300S and - as an outsider - the MV Turismo Veloce. No hurry though.
  11. It would be a shame to go elsewhere after so long, but just goes to show how important the dealer experience is eh.
    I reckon my next bike will be a dvt, but not this year.

    All the best :upyeah:
  12. Yes, I''ve heard about that one Scottish dealer. Now I understand why some of my dealer's customers who have moved up come all the way back to Southern England to get their servicing etc done.
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  13. Yes, I actually went all the way back to Snell's to buy my bike, but it is a little far (550 miles) for regular servicing…
  14. Yep, it's a combination of trust in dealer (or lack of) and poor detail design and dreadful finish on the Multistrada. If Ducati do help sort out the swingarm corrosion AND the DVT is notably better made and finished, then I'll be seriously interested, but not otherwise.

    You used to use P&H, didn't you? Gone elsewhere now?
  15. I've used p&h for over 10 years. Marcus is a top guy, always looks after me, and generally gets the deal done. Lloydy in parts is great too. I know if I call him or go in in person, he will look after me. Unfortunately my experience with the service dept over the years have made me question the wisdom of using them more than once.
    I've used snells for a similar time for parts, and they sold my 998 for me, but not bought a bike from them (yet). my last service was done by snells, as was the fork seals under warranty. They may well get all my future service work. As you know wvam have a good relationship with tom and snells. A bunch of members use them.

    Detail design on the dvt is miles better than on the previous generation. That said, there are still issues for them to resolve (breaking pannier mounts, trip mileage reset on ignition off, ineffective heated grips, and those are just what I know from a few mates who already have them).
    If I hadn't changed my bike last year I would have already bought a dvt.
  16. This is the original thread, hopefully it might help.
    MTS 1200 ABS problem - could be worth checking | Ducati Forum
  17. Very helpful :) I swapped the sensors out last weekend, to no effect. Took the bike to Ducati Glasgow during the week for its Desmo service - they didn't have time to chase down the ABS fault on the day but were able to tell me that the BBS wasn't showing any errors. So today I worked from the thread, stripped back the wire sheathing and found this:
    View attachment 50542
    Which seems fairly definitive. Like everyone else, it appears to be Ducati's 'Wiring 101' idiocy of doubling the cable hard back on itself then zip tying it - they really never have got the hang of electricity... ...but thanks to this forum I've been able to track it down without too many
    blind alley.:)

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