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1200 Abs Enable

Discussion in 'Multistrada' started by ianmac, Aug 1, 2021.

  1. Hi all,
    New on here as regards posting.
    I have e a 2010 Multistrada 1200 s.
    An old problem I am sure but cannot find an answer on the 'net, or searching forums here.
    Changed battery and cannot re enable ABS and DTC.
    I have done this in the past (after ringing mechanic I think) but so far, not getting to right pages on display to re enable.
    Manual appears to be missing something.
    Got an MOT booked tomorrow and getting a sweat on!
    Any help would be appreciated.
  2. After the battery change have you ridden the bike - even if just round the block? I don't think you can fully disable ABS or TC, the level of setting can be varied in the different riding modes but there will always some level of ABS and TC.
    The orange flashing lights will not go out until the bike has been ridden a short distance so that the sensors can calibrate themselves then the lights go out.
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  3. Hi Veetwin, thanks for your reply, I have ridden bike for 30 mins or so, traction control and ABS were not on, and abs light did not go off.
    I have tried to enable both functions in the riding modes, but as I understand it, and I may be wrong, there is another page or menu somewhere to turn them both on.
    By holding the 'reset' or indicator button at the same time as the 'down' cursor below it, I can access a 'setting' menu - and can get the ABS light flashing, but cannot get past the page with 'disable' and 'exit.'
  4. To access the setting menu, hold the vertical slider below the indicator cancel button only, for 2 seconds. Use the vertical sliders above or below the indicator cancel button to cycle the display up or down to ABS. Press indicator cancel button to enter, highlight on and hold the indicator cancel button to set. Same for the DTC. Andy
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  5. Many thanks Andy, have followed your steps. After I press indicator cancel button to enter, the next page has OFF and EXIT below it. There does not appear to be another option at this point. I cannot see an option for ON on screen. If i press and hold OFF, the abs light flashes and the page shows DISABLED and EXIT. I cannot get past this page. Am I overlooking something?
  6. Mmm, it would seem from the owner's manual, you can only turn the ABS off. Turning the bike on, should enable the ABS by default. I do remember I had a similar issue but cannot remember how I resolved it. I'll go and look at what my 2012 Multistrada does and post shortly. Andy
  7. @ianmac, What is telling you the ABS is off ? Andy
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  8. Thanks Andy, not by bike just now, but ABS light is not going out when I go for a ride.
    So far, I have not seen a menu offering an option to turn it on.
    When I followed your steps you suggested, after I went into ABS , the next page showed OFF and EXIT, if I remember correctly. Pressing the indicator cancel button at this point makes the ABS light flash, as presumably I enter another mode, but there does not appear to be an ENABLE option, only DISABLE.
    Like you, I seem to remember there is another option or step, but I cannot remember it, and my limited Internet searching ability has not brought anything useful up so far.
  9. Can I suggest you actually disable the ABS by holding the indicator cancel button for 3 seconds, you should get a notification that it is disabled, turn the bike off, wait a few minutes and then turn the bike on again ? I have a feeling, when you then ride the bike, the ABS light will go out. If all else fails, IIRC, the ABS light on a bike is not part of the MoT, @cookster. Andy
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  10. abs doesnt come in to the mot yet.
  11. Thanks everyone for support. Going to try Andy's advice and ride bike in morning and see if ABS comes on. Reassuring that ABS not part of MOT yet! -ta Cookstown.
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  12. Agree with @Android853sp - have you actually pressed OFF when presented with the option to? Then cycle everything as above...
  13. The ABS light might also be a warning light to alert you to a system malfunction and not simply an on or off indicator, so it may still be working though???
  14. Make sure all the cables are back on the battery, I seem to remember a smaller cable that sometimes gets missed! There are also 2 fuses for the ABS. Fuse 3 and 4 in the rear fuse box. The ABS resets to on everytime the bike is switched off and then back on. It could be that you have a wheel sensor issue?
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  15. Just read that if the ABS light is on constantly above 5km/h then the ABS is registering a fault. If you have disabled it and you are above 5km/h the light will flash to say its been disabled.
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  16. agree,
    separate ABS cable not connected to battery or sensor cable break under steering head
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